Monday, January 11, 2016

Golden Globe red carpet 2016

At first glance...from the passenger seat of our car, I didn't like what I saw of the fashions.  As the night went on and I settled into my spot on the couch....I found plenty of pretty dresses and handsome tuxes.

Yes. A tux or two this year.  How special.

So pretty.  I always want to see dresses in pastels.  Queen Latifah looks beautiful.

Amy Adams looks perfect. I love her hair down.  The Golden Globes are less formal than the Oscars so her hair is great for this occasion.  Red heads and orange...who knew....but man, she looks amazing.

Zendaya in an interesting dress. I like it a lot.  Just spotted it on a worst dress list.  
Ah well. That's the fun of doing this on my blog :o)

Miz Tatum. Amazing gown!  

I like Kevin Harts green tux.  I do like his whole look.  He is a comedian after all and doesn't need to be dressed super classic.  His date is spectacular and I love her dress.

Not sure who this grumpy gus is BUT of course I like this dress! 
I looked it up, her name is Eva Green and yes, that's Elie Saab.  My favorite.

This girl.  You must meet.  She is the IT girl of the moment.  She was nominate for two Golden Globes last night and I recently saw her on something on I recognized her.
Her name is Alicia Vikander and she is from Sweden.

I love a ruffle.

You might know this young man from Creed or the Wire or Friday Night Lights...or All My Children.  :o}
Michael B. Jordan.  
That's a wonderful looking Tux!

Another excellent choice.  ha.
Sam Heughan from Outlander.  This could be better....He could be wearing a kilt.

Orlando Bloom looking very handsome.  The tux is perfect and his hair is very nice.

Very cool choice for another comedian.  Aziz Ansari.  I love the pattern.  I love how slim he is and how perfect his suit fits him. ...and the cute expression in this picture.  And the way he has his hair brushed is very Cary Grant in my eyes.
Very good.

I just liked them as a couple.

Them too.
I don't know the rules..but I like that white suit.  It's kind of a winter white.

And the winner is....

Amber Heard in Gucci.  

It's different enough and classic enough.  Katie thought her lipstick was perfect.  
I would have been fine with a little less formal hair...
but gosh...that dress is super pretty!

What were your favorites?
I had four more white dresses pinned...but decided to just put my favorite.
Did you like the crop tops?
They didn't make my list.

Oh. Award show season....I love you for your fashion!

Miz Booshay


  1. Janice11:10 AM

    Yes, Sam should have worn a kilt.

  2. I love your choices, Donna. I also liked Helen Mirren, Will Smith and family, and the Stallones (particularly dad. He looked fantastic.) There was also a deep blue dress with pockets that I thought was stunning, but I cannot remember who was wearing it. Fun to take a fashion break this morning. Thanks!

    Happy Monday all!


  3. I liked Lady Ga Ga's dress-----I have always liked that off the shoulder look.

    1. I couldn't decide about the over extended hip. It fits her personality. But it was a teeny bit odd to me. Top part was gorgeous.

  4. I forgot to mention Rocky. It was the highlight of the show for me.

  5. Did you know? I despise Sylvester Stallone. No reason in particular. And Lady Gaga. I'll stop there.

    Your fav dress was mine also.

    And of course Brad and Ryan. Gah. BRAD PITT 4 EVA.

    And my fav Kate Winslet won. (Did you see her a couple weeks ago on cbs sunday morning?)

    And Denzel bringing his whole family up with him. Holding his wife's hand the whole way up. Love.

    Ricky Gervais is my favorite. He just says whatever the heck he wants. I find it kind of refreshing. And crass. And true. I love truth. Crass truth, even better.

    1. You must watch Derek. Yes, Kate's interview was fantastic, we weren't home yet so I missed her last night.

    2. We started watching Derek. Shows we want to watch together are hard to get through because we are so fatherly together... we will pick it back up.

    3. Ha! Rarely not fatherly.

  6. I know Michael B. Jordan from Parenthood. I saw Sly on The Late Show and he showed a clip of Michael getting knocked To.The. Mat. For real. Tough to be in a Rocky flick! I love the men in all of your picks! My nitpicks are guys who don't dress up at all. I'm not too fond of Kevin Hart's lack of socks, but the rest is good. I don't see much of my least favorite trends on men - neards (neck beards) and stubble. Maybe those are "done!" I hope so. The ladies all have lovely full-length gowns, but perhaps I show my age when I say I don't need to see sternums or "side boob." Why is that even a thing. The lovely dress on Amber just needs a little something more at the waistline to give her a bit of a shape there. Lovely color, though!

  7. I am so glad you post your favs from award shows. I miss American television very little, except for the shows like this or the academy awards. It's fun to see your pics. I love Queen and her light pastel dress, as well as the coral gown on Amber.

  8. Love this recap and your choices. Though Sam looks great in a kilt, he was pretty darn handsome in that tux! :) And the IT girl was beautiful and acted beautifully in The Danish Girl.

  9. Since my guys don't like awards shows (and I'm outnumbered) I look forward to your posts the day after. So thank you! They are all beautiful. I'm not a huge fan of Zendaya's dress. If it were short or only had one layer I would love it. ;)

  10. Well sheesh, it's a good thing she liked a ruffle too, because without it, we'd all have been exposed to her Golden Globes.


  11. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Lovely long dresses just seem right on the red carpet to me. Thank you for helping me know more about fashion. The men do look nice in their tux, too. love and prayers, jep

  12. I did not watch this year so I love your dress round up! I love your best dressed dress. So beautiful!!! Love the contrast of the darker red at the neckline and her lipstick. Tres chic!!

  13. I LOVE the Elie Saab dress. So classy.

    And I love your favorite. It's so flowwwwyyy. I agree with Katie, her lipstick is the perfect color.

    I am often surprised at the dress choices based on the tone of their skin. Do that take that into account or nah?


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