Thursday, April 07, 2016

American Idol Final Finale.

How sad I will be to see this show go away.  It's funny to think it has been a part of my evenings for 15 years.  Many times I have not been super impressed with the 'idols' and many times I have been wowed.

This year there is a woman named La'Porsha Renae.  I am blown away by her gorgeous voice, her poise, her stage presence.  I honestly think she is the best 'idol' ever.  I put her voice in the category of Barbra Streisand and Aretha Franklin.  She is that good.

Here are two songs she sang last night.

I just love her!!!

Tonight the winner is chosen.
Trent is talented (other finalist) but La'Porsha is special.
The specialist.

(I think she was having little voice issues last one mentioned it..but I heard a bit of rasp that is not usually there.)

And because I like to cast things....

La'Porsha needs to star in the Broadway play OPRAH.



  1. I miss Idol. Thanks for linking these videos. I was in the States visiting my Dad the year Candace was competing (and won) and it was great fun to watch for two whole weeks!

    La'Porsha sings beautifully.

    And your casting for Broadway: genius!!

  2. This is now officially the first glimpse of Idol I have seen this year and I have to say - she is spectacular. WOW.

  3. Donna,
    I just love you.

  4. We are getting ready to watch the final American Idol here at our house. I love La'Porsha and have voted for her every week. I really hope she wins! Your casting choice is perfect!!

  5. Anonymous11:52 AM

    What a beautiful voice and person, she is!
    Thanks for sharing this with us, because otherwise I would not have seen it.
    I really liked her answer to Harry's question.
    Yes, great casting for the Broadway production.
    love and prayers, jep

    1. She did not win. While I think the voters got it wrong....I am hopeful La'Porsha will have a wonderful career.

  6. I'm sorry - but I don't agree with most of you. Obviously, LaPorsha is a great singer, but I thought Trent just got better and better and showed different sides to his talent. And at the end, he was outstanding. LaPorsha's performances didn't (to me) show much diversity. I've read on line different critiques and it seems different ones thought perhaps her hair overshadowed her talent. In years past, some of the contestants that go on to have great careers didn't come in in first place - and I have no doubt that LaPorsha will be one of those.

  7. I didn't watch it. I should have. I love her hair. She looks lovely. I will listen to the songs tonight while I edit since the speakers here at work are terrible.


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