Monday, April 04, 2016

Humble times two.

I stumbled upon this documentary on Netflix over the weekend.
It's wonderful.

Meet Bill Cunningham.
Photographer. Witness to fashion. New Yorker.
Tireless. Humble.

So interesting.


And speaking of humble.

Enjoy this song...

Tim McGraw
Always stay humble and kind.

Happy Monday!

Encourage one another,


  1. I love that song. :)

  2. Oh, Donna
    Thank you for sharing that beautiful song by Tim McGraw. I needed to hear that today! I am so blessed. Bless you.

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Thank you for sharing about the documentary!!! I absoluetely cannot wait to watch. I completely adore watchng documentaries about the creative process -- I just love soaking up all the inspiration and energy from it. I loved "The September Issue" and Issac Mizrahi's "Unzipped". So fun and intersesting to me. I once served as the personal assistant to a woman who was the chairman of a couture house in NY. Fashion is a wild business!!

  4. Amanda, September issue is my very favorite. I learned about and fell in love with Grace Covington from that. You will adore Bill!0

  5. Did you see Tim sing that song at the ACM awards last night?

    I'm always looking for good documentaries on Netflix. Thanks!

  6. I saw the documentary too! I love documentaries and enjoyed this very much. Glad you liked it too.

  7. have to check that photographer out! Dreamt about you last night DONNA!!! All good

  8. Humble and kind people are my favorite ones.


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