Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Olympic Fever

I am winning at the Olympics.
I've got the four stations memorized and I am watching like a champ.

My favorite sports are Michael Phelps swimming,
women's gymnastics, beach volleyball and indoor volleyball.

I've seen some cool rugby, tragic cycling, funny ping pong and snooze worthy soccer.

I've decided Marco Polo should be a sport...cause everything else is...
And I have decided that the opposite of being an Olympian is being a couch potato Olympic watcher.

Ah the irony.

What is your favorite sport to watch?
What is the strangest sport you have watched?

still cheering after all these years


  1. I love this picture of you. You are lovely. I haven't watched one thing yet. I need to be a better American. 🙃

  2. Yep. They are on almost 24 hours a day here. The toughest thing I watched was a qualifying meet for men's archery when the sad-looking Korean man lost to...I can't remember. Not an American. Oh, and the kid from the Netherlands with the eye infection up against the kid from Turkey. Archery qualifiers sort of drained me.

  3. i love the olympics. summer olympics the most. they make me cry, for reasons too numerous to mention. matthew doesn't share my Olympic love. but i win the tv battle cause they're only on every 4 years. (i put up with other sports almost daily, 12 months a year).

  4. LOVE the Olympics! My faves mirror yours: gymnastics, volleyball (both kinds) and swimming. In the winter, it's ice skating and ice dancing. I'm a sucker for the backstories. Sob for joy, or sob in sadness. But that's okay. It's part of the deal.

    P.S. Looking good in your Nebraska hat! :)

  5. Strangest sport. Luge in the winter olympics

  6. I watch swimming, gymnastics, and volleyball, too. I watched fencing today. Not a huge fan. My husband says his favorite is the closing ceremony. Hardy har har.

  7. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Your shorter hair is cute! You look wonderful.

    Debbie Z.

  8. I love the Olympics, but it is tough over here in Europe without spendy cable options. In Zurich, before our move here to Munich, we had a good option with the biggest Swiss network and were able to view the major events. London was only an hour behind us.

    This time around, the German big networks focus on German athletes, which is how it should be I guess, so my viewing is very spotty. Which makes me sad because I do love the Olympics.

    I have to say I adore the Winter Olympics even more!

    1. We were in Zurich for the Beijing Olympics, and had excellent coverage that go around. German network television isn't so great for expats on the whole, but that's actually kinda good - we don't watch much TV, just movies or series I check out from the library. Yay, no commercials!

      But it is a bit sad to miss out huge Olympic overdosing :-/

  9. Equestrian all the way! Finally this year they have had good coverage of team events and individual!

  10. My family is really enjoying watching, yelling, cheering for U-S-A! Our dogs think we have lost our minds, but it feels good to be pulling for the country we love and cheering for all those winners instead of listening to negative junk in the news. We really needed this.
    We're following much the same as you - swimming (ALL the swimming), gymnastics, volley ball but I'll watch anything with an American competitor in it. :-)


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