Sunday, February 19, 2017

I like to watch.

Hi Friends,

Have you all been watching Victoria on PBS?

It's very beautiful to watch. Victoria's dresses and lace necklines are stunning.

The first two episodes me.

Episodes three and four have been much better.

What do you think? Are you loving it?


I have been sitting very much on the weekends.  Sitting and resting.
Sitting and resting and watching.

All sorts of things on Netflix and Amazon.

Here are some of the shows I have binged on and have been watching lately;

Westworld (HBO) -Science Fiction. Very weird. Robot theme park. Great Acting. Rated R
Stranger Things- Science Fiction. Katie and I both really liked this! Kids. Reminded us of ET.
The Crown- Excellent.  A bit slow.  But most of you will LOVE this.
Victoria- Enjoyable. Beautiful.  Not as good as the movie the lovely The Young Victoria (2009)
The Man in the High Castle (Netflix)- Engrossing. What if the Nazi's won the war and came to America.
Outlander- (Showtime) I love this program.  We do not have Showtime so I purchase the episodes...thus I have only watched the good parts ;o)  If I preview an episode and it is all warring....I skip it and look for Jamie and Claire portions.  I know this is unthinkable to some...but I really don't like warring.
And speaking of War.
Hacksaw Ridge (movie)- Amazing true story of faith during times of war.  I could not watch approximately 1 hour of this film.  Rated Gruesome.
Lion- AMAZING MOVIE.  True story of a man looking for his lost mother and brother in India.
The OA- Science Fiction Thriller. About a blind girl who goes missing and her with sight.
The Leftovers- What happens when there is a partial rapture?
The Path- Aaron Paul in a cult.
Gilmore Girls- Great fun.
The Americans-  can't get into it.
House of Cards- I resisted this for a long time.  But it is kind of amazing. Rated R
History of the Eagles-  You know, the band from the 70's.  We just loved this documentary!!!
Jim Gaffigan Cinco-  WATCH THIS!!  It is hilarious.
Catastrophe (amazon) - This show is hilarious.  It is very racy and raw.  But I think the writing is amazing.

What do I recommend?

If you love science fiction I would pick The OA for you or Stranger Things.

If you love historical, British pieces, I would recommend The Crown and The Young Victoria movie if you have not seen it.

If you like men in kilts, watch The Outlander.  The acting and story are tremendous. (if you do not like nudity on screen, don't watch this.)

For political intrigue watch House of Cards.

For clean comedy watch Jim Gaffigan:Cinco and for very mature comedy watch Catastrophe.

It is Oscar month so TCM is showing Oscar winners all month.  Now, Voyager was on this morning ;o)

Patrick and I check the channel regularly for some fine movie choices.

What have you watched that you would recommend?

Chance the Gardner


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Yay- you posted a new blog�� I've missed reading you. LOVE Jim Gaffigan, used to watch THE JIM GAFFIGAN SHOW, but can't find it anymore. Is this his new one? Glad you're back Donna�� Karen F.

  2. I enjoy Victoria very much. Jimmy, the mean boyfriend of Kitkat (in About Time) is Albert. I like him now!

    I enjoyed Young Victoria, but she was a bit too tall.

    Now that I have Netflix I'll give The Crown a try. Sadly, not all programming available in America is available here :-/

    Thanks for blogging! I'm glad you rest on the weekends.

    P.S. I'll be your Swiss Miss again, in about 10 days! Moving back to Zurich!

  3. I really wanted to watch Victoria. But my DVR decided it wasn't going to record it. PBS isn't replaying them for my DVR to grab, and if you want to watch online, you have to pay to be a member. Since I'm already paying out the nose for my satellite service, I'm bitter and not watching until it comes around again for free (or hits Netflix/Amazon Prime which I ALSO pay for). It is totally bumming me out at the moment.

    I loved The Crown. Especially John Lithgow.

    1. Next week pbs is replaying the whole series... marathon style. Perhaps you can start the recording manually and get it all :) fingers crossed

    2. I have the PBS app on my Roku and can watch Victoria for free... but they only hold them open for a week.

  4. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Have you watched Brooklyn? We love it!

    Bridget in Minnesota

  5. I'm enjoying Victoria. Rufus Sewell is a dreamy Lord M. I especially appreciated the way Victoria and Lord M were attracted to each other, but resisted it to do the right thing. You don't see that very much these days!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for good shows on Netflix. I loved The Crown and we are huge Eagles fans (saw them in May 2003 on Mother's Day - gift from my hubby) so we loved that one. There is some nudity in that one though.

  7. Anonymous4:32 PM

    I just finished The Crown. I thought all of the performances were fantastic, but Johnson Lithgow as Churchill really blew me away. I saw they are planning six seasons with re-casting after every two to cover aging. I am glad you noted the PBS marathon of Victoria! I wanted to see it but missed recording it originally.

    Other than those, I recently finished Parks and Rec. I had started it before and didn't like it. My daughter told me they retooled it in the second season but I had to watch the first season anyway to get all the back story, and to stick with it! I'm glad I did because it ended up being one of the sweetest shows with the best relationships. When I finished I then read Amy Poehler's biography "Yes, Please!" She gives some insider info so I am thinking of watching it again with my husband. I just have to get him to agree!

    We also watch the Marvel shows on Netflix: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. They are darker and more gruesome than the big-screen Marvel shows. I really, REALLY liked Jessica Jones. The others I watched for the sake of watching with my hubby. The actor who plays Daredevil is British, so for anyone who watches it I highly recommend finding an interview so you can hear his usual voice. Amazing! One of the best American accents I've heard, although I suppose there are others that I just have no idea about!

    Elizabeth in Colorado

    1. My daughter Rmma just LOVES Parks and Rec. And guess what? My husband IS Ron Swanson.

  8. Anonymous11:43 PM

    I loved The Crown and thought Claire Foy was fantastic. I kept wondering how much was fact and how much had been added, but oh, the clothes, and the Great Halls, and the cars. Sigh. A couple weekends ago my husband and I went on a date night for dinner and a movie. We saw Lion and I loved it so much. The child actor, Sunny Pawar- how was he able to act so well at such a tender age? And Dev Patel, just simply wonderful. The fact that it was a true story just made it so special.

    Debbie Z.

  9. Loved Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria! And the actor who played her Albert was redeemed as he had previously played the evil Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice. :) So glad you're enjoying Outlander. Having loved the books since the early '90s, it was a dream come true to have the series come to life! We have to wait until September for Season 3, but sure it will be worth it.

    Gearing up for the Oscars, I've been in movie mode the past few months. Once I watch Hacksaw Ridge, I'll have seen all 9 nominated best pics and will only have to watch Elle to have seen all the best actor/actress and supporting nominees, too. It's been a good run! Some faves are Lion, Hidden Figures, Manchester by the Sea, Loving, LaLa Land and Arrival. Can't wait for Sunday!

    On TV, I am loving This Is Us! Great stories and acting. Looks like I've written a novel, so I'll stop now. Continue resting and watching, dear Donna! xo

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      I agree, Mary. This Is Us is so good. It totally draws me in and I can't wait for the next episode.

      Debbie Z.

  10. I think I've watched that eagles doc four times. That's 12 hours!!! It is just SO great.

    The Crown was perfection. We're impatient for more.

    I missed my window for Victoria so will have to try on Amazon prime.

    The rest are too racy for me. Can't wait to see Lion.

    This is Us is the pinnacle of network tv right now. No idea how it could improve even a little.
    Super story telling and timeline jumps. Just excellent.

    I've been watching West Wing for the eleventy billionth time - selected episodes - to remind me of a government with higher discourse, even when i don't always agree with the policy. It really is so good and it's so jarring to see.

    Miss you Donna - love to all -


    1. I agree with "This is Us" - even better than Parenthood, in my opinion. I bawled like a baby at the latest episode. Even my daughter - who is now early 30's, and the most stoic person I know - cried.

  11. Love The Crown and Victoria because I love all things British. Also got caught up in House of Cards and waiting for the next season. Have you seen the entire Jim Gaffigan comedy shows? They are hilarious, but I don't think he did but one season. Tried watching This Is Us, but couldn't get past the first episode because it was kind of boring and seeing a guy's bare bottom in the very first seconds kind of told me how they would be going on this show. No, I don't like nudity in something I am watching because it is usually not necessary and is more for shock value than to further the story.

  12. I think Jim Gaffigan is hilarious. Will watch that special tonight while I'm working away. Love the recommendation! I was sick a couple weeks ago and watched as much Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee that I could (you just watch the episodes on the website). I simply love everything about that show - Seinfeld is a wonderful host and it's so funny to see each comedian's personality -- some are more intersting than others. :)

  13. I just discovered Home Fires on PBS and have watched half of the first season on Amazon Prime. Several of the Downton Abbey cast members have shown up. I love it.

  14. I am recovering from some fairly major foot surgery, so have had a lot of down time. I never did watch Call the Midwife when it was on so I started with Season One. I absolutely love it, and have cried and cried at times. I'm in Season 5 now, so almost ready for when it begins airing again!


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