Thursday, February 23, 2017

oh. hi.

This picture popped up on Facebook.
It is of my mom and her new friend, Sue Scott, in-law-to-be.
Joanie Scott posted it...and I have never seen it before.
Joanie Scott was my sister Nancy's college friend...
Nancy married Joanie's brother Binky soon after our parents died.

As I have mentioned before Sue and Vern Scott were especially sweet to all of the Glyman girls after our parents died.  

If I have it right, this picture was taken in the summer of 1973. 

I could stare at it all day.

So happy to see these happy faces.
Love you.
Miss you.
Mean it.

Donna Elsie


  1. Beautiful faces, beautiful memories. Love to you. xo

  2. Anonymous9:37 PM

    such touching memories. So wonderful you have these photos. Love you. Karen F.

  3. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Both beautiful ladies with beautiful smiles. What a treasure for you to get to see this photo of your mom. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Debbie Z.

  4. Precious.

    Photos of our loved ones are a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. the scrapbook I made of my mother is in my suitcase; I couldn't put it with our moving truck things, even for a 4 hour ride.

  5. You and Sue look the most like your mom. What an amazing picture!

  6. What a sweet treasure to discover! Beautiful.

  7. A never-before-seen-photo? PRICELESS!! I'm so thrilled for you!

  8. My dad died last year and when someone shows me a picture of him that I have never seen before, it means a lot to me. a little bit like getting to be with him for a second or something.


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