Monday, September 18, 2017

Red Carpet: Emmys 2017

Wow.  Thandie Newton looks so beautiful in this Jason Wu gown.  I love everything about this dress.  She is a wonderful actress in Westworld.  (A creepy, robot western. ) 

This year television overflowed with the creep-factor.  
Westworld. Handmaids Tale. The Man in the Hightower.
Lots of dystopian stuff.  
I'll share with you my favorite shows of the year at the end of the post.

Gina Rodriguez looking amazing in her Naem Khan dress.


Such a refreshing, unique gown. 
It wins for most creative and beautiful.
Zoe Kravitz in Dior.

What a gorgeous color.  Stunning dress.
Shaliene Woodley in Ralph Lauren

This was Katie's favorite.  Julie Louis-Dreyfus wins every year as actress and style icon.
I can't get in to Veep.  But she has won 8 times so the industry LOVES her.  
I happen to love her style better than her show :o)
Carolina Herrera.  (my favorite designer)

Yara Shahidi in a pretty Prada.
Lovely young lady.

I liked this for it's use of fabric.  This form is done over and over, but the fabric was interesting and Sarah Hyland from Modern Family looked very pretty in her Zac Posen dress.

And yes.  Total Donna dress. Feminine, pretty, floaty, sprinkles.
Darling girl in a Miu Miu gown.  Kiernan Shipka.

Lots of fashion beauty.

Too much botox on the old gals.
Jane, Dolly and Lily looked like Wax figures. 
I tell you Jane's face looks like a 20 year olds. It's very strange.


My picks from this year are;

Best Drama: Stranger Things
Best Comedy: Schitt's Creek
Best Actress: Catherine O'Hara
Outstanding Limited Series: Genius

I like my dance shows and mindless reality shows.

I have watched most of the dystopian programs...they are interesting in a sense, but real downers.
I read Handmaid's Tale when the book came out and I watched the program, this summer.  It was VERY disturbing and depressing.  
These are just not the kind of shows I want to pass along and say, 'hey. watch this.'
The ick factor is too high.

So the shows I've picked are not icky.
Stranger Things is a scary 80's type mystery.  You will think of Stephen King and Stand by Me.
Genius is a Ron Howard series about Einstein.  It is so well made it makes everything else look shoddy.

Schitt's Creek has my whole family laughing and laughing.  We watch them over and over.
The writing is hilarious, the acting in comedy perfection.  If you liked Best in Show....and those kinds of goofy characters....
Find Schitt's Creek now and watch this show.

Dancing with the Stars starts tonight.  It's always a mystery as to whether I will like the cast.
Fingers crossed that I find some favorites to cheer for.

Happy Watching,
Miz Boo


  1. Amy J in WI10:47 AM

    Love the update. I am putting Schitt's Creek on our watch list. Veep is my secret vice...I find it wickedly funny!

  2. Anonymous11:02 AM

    I do part-time bookkeeping and accounting work for a friend's fashion boutiques in the Nashville area. The stores' Instagram account yesterday had a picture of two actresses in Emmy gowns and on first glance I assumed it was your awards show fashion roundup post! :D On further review, I realized the store was posting Nashville area actresses at the Emmys. (Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. I loved Nicole's bright red dress, but not so much Reese's cobalt blue suit-type short dress.)

    We will have to look at Schitt's Creek. We don't watch many comedies but I trust your judgment. :)

    Sandy C.

  3. I was so looking forward to this post! :)

    My two favorites were your last picture and the dress worn by the girl from Stranger Things.

    Totally agree with you about Handmaid's Tale. The book was interesting, yet very, very creepy and I couldn't get into the show due to the creep factor.

    Right now our watch list is every single Cubs game, so that eats up quite a bit of time! I love DWTS, This is Us and Outlander. If there's any other free time, I chose to read from my stack of books. Will be sure to add Schitt's Creek to our winter watch list as we loved Best in Show and Spinal Tap.

    Thanks, as always, for the recap!

    1. I LOVE OUTLANDER but don't have Starz!! That is the best acting male and female!!!!
      Best writing too!!! How could I forget!?! I am in it for the love story and not the history tho. I was scolded about that once. But I can say it on my own silly blog. Jamie and Claire 4 ever!

  4. We love Schitt's Creek! Been through it a few times and it's always funny. (Now I'm wondering how it is that you don't like Napoleon Dynamite . . . ?)

    1. There is s sweetness to the relationships on Schitts creek that has developed over the seasons. To me Napoleon Dynamite is mocking and not funny.

  5. Anything with Christopher Guest's crew in it is a winner for me. Schitt's Creek is SO funny. Waiting for Guffman, Mighty Wind - that's all my wheelhouse. Love them all like family members.

    Now I have to go wash my burning eyes from the Cleveland display on those gowns. Good grief.


    Donna - not a 'This is Us' fan??? I'm spellbound by it. I'm an adopted kid from the 70s. I have adopted black sons. I wrestle hard with weight. So pretty much it's my whole life onscreen. I can't wait til it starts back up.

    1. I started out loving This is Us but felt it was manufacturing tears over same issues and repeating itself. I may try again this year. I like Milo.

    2. Anonymous1:52 PM

      I can't wait for This Is Us to start back up too, Stephanie! I love it- maybe in part because I have two adopted children and one biological and I think the emotions involved with adoption have been handled very well on the show. I loved the scene where Kevin comforted the grieving Randall with his arms around him. Grew up in the same home, will always be brothers. And Donna, I love the last dress with sprinkles. So many of the others just show too much chest for me- I think they would be more beautiful and more alluring with a less deep V, but that is just me. Thank you, as always for your review!

      Debbie Z.

  6. I'll definitely take your advice on Schitt's Creek! I loved Best in Show so that'll be enjoyable for me. The only thing that I've watched is Genius and I LOVED it! Loved the dresses too!

  7. Stranger Things creators were actually very inspired by Stephen King :)

    I just recently found your blog again. Facebook killed blogs for me for a while, just now trying to find all my old faves. Glad to catch up with you ;)

    Do you have Amazon Prime? If so you can add Starz on to that for like $9 a month and watch online or a streaming device. Jamie<3Claire

    xoxo melzie


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