Saturday, November 18, 2017

Matthew's fine.

This summer was, let's say, complicated.
My prayer list grew as the days went by.
I usually jotted prayer requests down on a scrap of paper after a conversation or phone call
One day as I on my big computer I thought I would type up a nice prayer list and tape it on the bathroom wall.  Then I would remember to pray numerous times a day.

And there the list sat for two months.
Until September when Patrick and Emma came home for a visit.

Emerging from the bathroom, Patrick says, 'Hey, what about Matthew?"
(He is chuckling and has taken a picture of my list and immediately sends it to Matthew.)
I'm confused and wonder what he is talking about.
"The prayer list.  You are praying for everyone but Matthew."

Apparently Matthew had a good summer and I didn't add him to the list.
But oddly, everyone was there BUT HIM.

Now.  I know in my heart I love Matthew as much as all the other people on the list...
it's just...he's fine.  I don't feel guilt about this.
But the kids will not let me forget it.  

Later that day, I went to the bathroom.

Emma just could not stand that Matthew was not on the list.
and so she added him.

Dear God,
Please watch over Patrick and Shelby and Melinda and Katie and Emma and Matthew.
And thank you that Matthew is doing just fine.



  1. Like Susan, I also love this

  2. I especially love that Patrick sent a pic of the list to Matthew and that Emma added Matthew to the list❤️

  3. Wonderful on so many fronts. And a prayer list in the rest room.
    Genius! (when my kids were younger they always thought my favorite kid was whichever was most needy at the moment. I showered them with maybe a bit too much care and the majority of my prayers. I get it.)

  4. I have reminders on my phone to pray for each of my 6 adult children -- one each day of the week, except for Sunday. They tease me mercilessly whenever one of the reminders pops up!

  5. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Such a very sweet family others I am touched that Patrick and Emma were concerned about Matthew being left out. We pray specifically for our kids who all live in large towns to be surrounded by God's angels as they travel in their cars. Last week when we had to be out of town on business for my dad, we got a call from our youngest son telling us that as he exited the freeway a car in front of him hit a piece of metal and it landed in his tire causing a flat. Fortunately, he was not going real fast and could pull over to the side of the road and call for help (his second-hand electric car does not have a spare) and he was OK. Those angels were watching, Thanks be to God! love and prayers, jep

  6. Anonymous12:07 AM

    What a sweet photo of your four children playing Hungry Hungry Hippos- I am sure it touches your mother's heart. Sometimes I think that God must get tired of my repeated prayers for my children, and yet in my heart I know He does not and I am so thankful. How deeply we beseech God for those closest to us.

    Debbie Z.


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