Friday, December 29, 2017

Always Get Up.

 We are very fortunate to have these three little fellows in our lives.  They are fun, wild, silly, smart little boys and we love them so much.

Ezekiel.  Baby Boucher.
Not growing up.

Little Sassafras.

At one point I directed Katie to lick me.  
I think that's when they lost it.

Caption this.

spontaneous kissing.
the best kind

Katie and I drove to Omaha on Wednesday and came home Thursday.
Everyone is busy but I wanted one last visit this winter.  
Won't be until Spring or Summer when we get to be together again.

Driving home was horrid.  It was dark.  Little flurries came down just enough to wet the roads.   My headlights are so dim they are a menace.  I said to Katie, if we crash and I die and you live, you must sue Honda for selling cars with these ridiculously dim lights.  Did you know there is not a standard?  Well.  There should be.  I could not see fifty feet in front of me with the brights on.  Anyone else notice this problem?  For two hours I felt like I was driving into a black hole.  A nightmare I tell you.  A nightmare.

I will not be driving at night any more.  

I came home all shaken up.... 
Serious anxiety over it all.

Tomorrow we are going to Chicago for lunch.  
Emma has a boyfriend and he is visiting her for the weekend.  We 
would just love to meet him, so we are going down to the city for a how-do-you-do lunch.

Patrick is coming and he will be driving.
My least favorite holiday is coming.
But this year I will be happy to say Goodbye to 2017.

Big challenges and tragedies,
Big disappointments and worries.

But forward I will look with hope in my heart and thankfulness on my lips.

I mean. Just look at those happy boys.

And as for 2018...

Rule #1

Love You.
Mean it.

Donna Elsie


  1. The boys are so dang cute....all with a sparkle in their eyes! Your photos always amaze me...wish I was 1/2 the photographer you are. Exciting to meet Emma’s boyfriend! Appreciate the encouraging words for 2018. We also had a difficult year with the loss of our Benjamin but I believe he would want nothing more than us to be happy and keep on keeping on. There is a hole though without him in our family as you well know with all the loss you’ve endured. But I guess like you say we need to focus on all the good still around us. Happy 2018 Donna! May it be a GOOD year!!!

  2. This year has definitely been a roller-coaster. We welcomed two new family members - a new grandson and a new son-in-law. We experienced an epic flood with Hurricane Harvey, though we were much, much more fortunate than many of our neighbors and friends in our losses. Our Houston Astros won the world series, and we woke up to snow a couple of weeks ago. (I realize my Northern neighbors might not be as excited about snow as we are!) It has definitely been a year to remember.

    Good for you and Katie going to Omaha to see those precious boys, but I'm sorry you had such a drive home. Hopefully the trip to Chicago will be less stressful!

  3. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Donna, I totally understand your driving in the dark anxiety. I am starting to feel this way when I drive home from work at night. I am trying to decide- is it my age (62), is my headlights, or is this a darker than normal winter?? I am so glad you made it home safely. I am so excited to hear about Emma's boyfriend. I hope you will really like him. 2017 hasn't been all that easy for me either. May the year ahead be an upswing, full of bright promise.

    Debbie Z.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful boys. Wishing you health and happiness in 2018, dear friend.

  5. Adorable boys! Each one a sparkler!

    I don't drive much these days (no need of a car with great public transport everywhere) but when I visit my dad in winter, in Alaska (!) It's often dark. I'm not crazy about nighttime drivng, at all. Along with the others, I'm relieved you arrived home safely.

    Have a sweet time in Chicago xxx

    And a blessed New Year to you, Miz Boo!

  6. Anonymous7:19 AM

    We have stopped driving at night. Wish I had a way to make your lights brighter for you. So very thankful to God that you and Katie arrived in Omaha and back home safely. Those fierce warrior angels of God were watching over you. Our priest reminds us yearly that God's angels do not look like the pictures on the holiday Hallmark cards. ;p Those Grands of yours are so precious and I am sure as full of energy as our Grands. Enjoy your time in Chicago with Emma and her new friend. Praying Traveling Mercies for you! Happy, Happy New Year to you and all here at QL! love and prayers, jep

  7. Oh, these boys are crazy cute! Have fun in Chicago meeting The Boyfriend (are you nervous? I was always a little nervous meeting sons' girlfriends)
    Hope he realizes the gem he is dating!

  8. Your blog is one of only a very few I check anymore but whenever I check in, I feel like I'm reconnecting with an old friend...
    I just adore your photography, your quotes and poems, but most of all your wisdom.
    Maybe one day we'll actually meet, and I can give you a hug in person.
    You've done more for me than you know, Donna.

    Happy New Year....

    mary e. from wheaton

  9. Oh, your post today touched so many nerves with me, but first I want to tell you that your grandsons are absolutely darling. Those beautiful eyes. I remember when you first posted the oldest boy's pictures when he was a baby and I could not get over those eyes. As for driving at night, I have become night blind and even riding in a car is a nightmare for me anymore. What I don't like are those extremely bright LED lights that blind you as they come toward you. Now those ought to be outlawed! My husband and I have to plan our lives around where we can go where we won't have to drive at night. As for 2017, it hasn't been the best of years for us either. So many friends and family have died this year, I just want to see it over. But, still, we do have to keep on getting up, so God bless and may you and your wonderful family have a very blessed new year full of joys and triumphs.

  10. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Beautiful grandsons! I too remember when the oldest was born and when your Katie was the age he is now. Congratulations on Emma's engagement! (I'm posting on this post a few weeks after you posted it, so I have the new news.) I'm so thankful you've shared your family and your Quiet Life with us. You've brightened my days. I think of your wise words often. This year brought us great joys and some heartaches and worries too. Jennifer Fulwiler added a "word of the year" generator this year and my word for 2018 is "epic." Here's hoping your 2018 is epic, too, Donna Elsie.

    Sandy C.


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