Thursday, April 19, 2018

Captured moments

The girls had a bachelorette party on Thursday night.
Aren't these Instamax pictures great!?

Carolyn and Emma 
great friends and room mates.

Melinda and Emma

These precious girls are Janet's daughters!  
I'm so thankful they were there!  


Rehearsal dinner.  Gino's East pizza. 
So delicious and casual!
Hi Patrick.  Hi Paulie.

phone snap of Emma's very pretty dress

Carolyn and Emma bring their neighbors from their apartments to church each week.
Tyrone is a great friend of theirs.

A very nice look at Emma's beautiful bouquet.

I was able to take a few pictures of Lorelei and her special cousin Poppy.
James picked out their sparkly shoes!!!

Boucher girls

Thank you Erin for sending me this fun picture and for doing Emma's makeup.
It was perfect for her.
Pictured; Carolyn and Whitney. 

I have a video or two I'm trying to upload.
I'll keep trying.

Emma and James are settling in, in Missouri.
If you have any pointers on how to get a specialist to return your calls,
please let me know.  Emma is trying to met with a neurologist in Columbia and can not get anyone to return a phone call.

It's important that she get in.
If you don't have any pointers, we would love prayers.

Donna Elsie


  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Donna, I too understand the frustrations with the medical field, although my frustrations have probably not involved situations as serious as Emma's can be. However, I wonder if Emma had her current (I assume she has one) neurologist make the first contact, that would get things moving along. If Emma has asked around and found one she would prefer, she could give that name to her current neurologist, or if she does not have someone in mind, her current neurologist might have connections of his/her own. The University of Missouri School of Medicine is there in Columbia, but I assume she already knows that. I would think that there would be some pretty up-to-date neurologists there, but they might require a referral. If nothing else, she might need to establish a relationship with a general practitioner and s/he could make a referral. Good luck to Emma and James. May God bless their marriage. Dee S

  2. Praying Emma finds a wonderful, compassionate neurologist soon and that all goes well with her. God bless

  3. She needs to sign a medical records release with her current neurologist and have the office call the new neurologist. Very hard to navigate specialists without the prior doctor's referral.
    Best wishes for a happy, love filled marriage.
    I'm still in love with the flower market photo! Thank you again!

  4. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Thank you for sharing more photos! I loved looking at them. What a blessed and happy time for your family. I have to comment on her bouquet- the colors are so wonderful and soft and her friend did a beautiful job of arranging the flowers. I loved it, along with her gorgeous dress and the beautiful little flower girl dresses. All so lovely. I will be praying that God leads Emma to the right neurologist and that she will not have difficulty getting in. I agree with comments from others that the best way is for her present neurologist to do some research on who is really good in that area and make the referral and connection. Praying that God will make this easy for Emma as she begins her new life in Missouri.

    Debbie Z.

  5. Thanks friends. Emma has a referral from her wonderful doc in Chicago.
    It has been sent in. Unfortunately. It is being ignored. No one will respond or even open the referral. Today she tried a new place and they are closed on Friday.
    She continues to try. But this is why we are asking for prayers. Human efforts are unsuccessful after two weeks of trying.

    1. Praying tonight that tomorrow the call will be answered and she will get an appointment. Keep the faith. 🙏

  6. Such fun pictures! I'll be praying Emma gets in touch with a specialist soon. I would hope by now she may have heard from someone?

  7. A man dressed up with suspenders and a bow tie, please tell this gentleman he looked very handsome ;) Those little girlies with sparkling sneakers that match those pretty dresses, I cannot handle the cute.

  8. Threaten a complaint to the state medical board or jacho. that should take care of it.


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