Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Love and JOY

I know those of you who check here are waiting so patiently for news of Emma's wedding.
It's going to take quite a few posts to share all the picture and stories....

Let's start with the big finish.  The I do's.

Shall we.

Fresh breath is a must.

Katie was the Maid of Honor but she couldn't have done all of her MOH duties without the help of Whitney!  Thank you Whit!

Meet James' daughter Lorelei.  
I'm delighted to be a Yaya again.
It's a girl!

Whitney and Carolyn.
Carolyn is a florist!  It's her new career and she created gorgeous flowers for her roomie!

Melinda was so much fun and very beautiful!

Katie and her cousin Brandon.  
Emma met James at Brandon's wedding in September.
Thanks for getting married Brandon :o)

Excellent petal tossing girlies!
Lorelei and her cousin Poppy. 

Here comes the bride. 

When your son in law looks at your daughter like this....
all is right with the world.

Proud papa.
Radiant bride.

Their vows were beautifully written and so touching.

He called her Emma Jean.

They kissed a long time.
Melinda is not a fan of watching people kiss.

The luckiest.
The happiest.

I mean.
Come on. 
This joyous picture says it all.

Love and unbridled JOY!!!

This is so them. Amazing connection.
 I can hear Emma laughing.

For as long as you both shall live.

Love Always.

much more to come

I am very grateful to Zach Caddy for these amazing images!!!


  1. so happy for all y'all ~

  2. I love the way the photographer captured their joy and their love for each other!

  3. Oh, Donna,
    The joy is so apparent! So happy for James and Emma Jean.

  4. "He called her Emma Jean." Swoon!

    Beautiful! Keep 'em comin', Donna!

  5. I love, love, love this love story! Just sitting here waiting for the next installment of beautiful pics and prose❤️

  6. Anonymous6:10 AM


  7. An instant granddaughter for you and cousin for the boys. le sigh, how lovely.

  8. What a delight. And you have a little red-haired granddaughter? So appropriate. And Melinda—you are a hoot!

  9. These photos are beautiful. And I love her dress!

  10. mary e from wheaton9:10 AM

    These photos are sooooo wonderful ! And Zach's photos at his website. Especially the one with James bokeh'd in the background looking ahead, and Emma in the foreground looking right at the camera. One for the ages!

  11. Anonymous2:38 PM

    JOY, JOY, JOY and so much LOVE in one place and such beautiful smiling faces! We are so very happy for them both and for you. Thank you for sharing the photos. And, you look lovely Dear Ms. Boo!
    love and prayers, jep

  12. So exciting! Thrilled for them and you too! A little red haired granddaughter!! Emma's dress is beautiful! Looking forward to reading more about this special day.

  13. What a beautiful bride...the ceremony looks amazing..thanks for sharing your special day with us...great photos....


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