Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Met Gala 2018

Last night was the annual Met Gala.  The theme this year was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Church.  The Vatican actually sent pieces of art and clothing to the Met in New York to use for the exhibition.  I was excited to see what the designers came up with to express this theme in their creations.

I thought it was amazing.

If you look closely you can see Blake's head dress.   Many women wore crowns and "rays" of light.
Stunning bodice.

I thought you might like to see Mary Kate and Ashely.

I think Madonna looks like a Spanish Queen.  I do love her head piece.
This theme was made for her.
Like a Prayer.

Many liked this dress. 
I liked the colorful cross.

Who are you?
Your dress is fabulous.

I wondered if any one would do the black with a little red like the french priests....
Glad Hugh took the chance.  I like it.  Subtle and smart.

I love your crown Mindy.

There were three or four Joan of Arc inspired gowns.
This was by far the most subtle and perfect one.

Spectacular head piece.

Yes, it's the Sistine Chapel.  It's just glorious.

Her hat is the nativity.  
Can't say she is not on theme.

Greta is one of the few to wear something so Nun-y.
I love it.
Edgy Nun-y.

Some one had to be an angel.

I honestly do not know what this is supposed to represent.  But guess what?
I like it and find it very interesting.

Some one had to be the pope.

This is perhaps my favorite look of the night.  Nun-y but very new.
So young and interesting and on theme.

She just looks ethereal.

This is lovely too.
Ethereal in cardinal red. 

Amal Clooney was a chair of the show.  Do you think her roses represent Mother Mary?


My very favorite head piece.

What an amazing red carpet!
Miz Boo


  1. I'm sorry I was not very thorough. I don't have time to write all the names and designers. Really. Sorry about that. If you go to Vogue.com you can find all of these pictures and tons more....and the names and designers too.

  2. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I really liked Zendaya's Joan of Arc. Hair and everything. I read somewhere that it wasn't expected that every attendee be on theme. Loved Amal and Blake. Amal reminded me of the garden of Eden before I realized it was roses instead of fruit. The silver bodice being the Euphrates. Blake even matched the stairs. Loved the different printed materials as well. Some head pieces were gorgeous. Some very interesting to see at least.

    Kristi in LV

  3. Thanks for posting them, Donna! Love seeing you here. Was Not a fan of the theme or the looks. Found it all weirdly offensive, particularly Madonna and JLo. I’m turning into One Of Those People in my old age. I love many of the colors. I adore amal’s whole look. Thanks for posting it!! Love you, mean it!! -Steph

    1. Although I DID love the red-gold combos, I thought Amal's dress was beyond incredible, and I loved Frances McDormand's Green Cape and leaf thing that went up over her face. :) She said she got ready in five minutes.

    2. I'm also One of Those People in that I didn't like the theme at all. But, Donna, you always have such an honest assessment which is why I love your recaps of red carpet events.

  4. Steph, I read Frances said, "I'm pagan."

    1. If Pagan, at least honest - and didn't weave in historic Christian symbols while cussing. ;)

  5. I love the red dress. That's gorgeous.
    I also loved Ariana Grande's dress (sistine chapel)
    I liked the back (only) of Amal's haha.

  6. I was hoping you would do a recap. Thank you! I love Amal's dress. I wonder how many yards of fabric were in that train!


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