Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Worst Blogger in the world.

So yeah.
It's me.

Harry and Meghan were married and it was absolutely fabulous.
I was there for every second.  Up at 3:00am.
I watched PBS/BBC and taped CBS.
I oohed and aahed and shed a few tears.  (Is there a way to spell those words?)

I had a little text group.
The gals who were awake.
Di, Cheryl, Cindy, Janet, Janice and Mary Z.

It was everything!

And then around three in the afternoon came a text from Patrick Jr.
Shelby's water had broken.  Shelby was in labor. She was 39 weeks along.
So NOW the baby wait was ON!

This day just went from exciting to real life,  heart in my throat exciting.
This precious, long awaited, baby.  Everything had to be okay.
Everything looked okay.  But, everything had to be okay.

At about eight o'clock our time Patrick told me that Shelby was at 8cm.
Melinda assured me that Shelby would probably deliver by midnight, 2 am our time.
I went to bed at 11:30 and left the phone on so I would hear texts come in.
Remember I had been up since 3:00am.

The phone kept making noises and I kept checking it.

At 1:00am.  I had to turn it off.
I had to sleep.

At 1:52 I woke up again.
Looked at the phone.

"It's a girl", read the text.  (1:29am)

I did not know if Patrick could text back and forth at this point....
but I asked one question.


and the answer came back,


Patrick and I chatted for quite a while.
Lots of pushing.  Everyone is well.

This healthy, happy baby girl is named, Dottie.

Not short for anything.

Dottie Azalea.

A flower in remembrance of Poppy.  Dottie's big sister in heaven.

Patrick's and Shelby's little girl born on Harry and Meghan's wedding day.

(You can be sure I have ordered a little something from England to commemorate the sharing of this date.)

So here are some pictures.

Baby Boucher.

Dottie is very alert and her parents love to hold her.
Shelby is doing great.
Patrick feels lucky.
We are delighted and thankful and longing to meet little Dottie.

Oh my gosh.  Why is California so far away?


And as for Meghan and Harry.

Dottie's birthday!

Beautiful Bride in the carriage.

The veil was perfection.  It was embroidered with fifty-some flowers....including some poppies for California.

Oh my.

Walking to church.
So British.  
I love the walking to church.

and love.

Dearest, loveliest Dottie.

I love you honey.


  1. Beautiful baby!

    Lovely wedding, too.

    What a day!

    God bless the little family, and you too, Yaya!

  2. Yes, California IS far away...but, I have a feeling that each mile just got a little shorter. Your granddaughter is BEAUTIFUL and BLESSED with such a loving family. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  3. Beautiful, bonnie baby Boucher!! Dottie is blessed with red hair and a wonderful family. Congrats to Patrick, Shelby and the rest of the clan. I love the Azalea/Poppy connection. xo

  4. Oh, just love the photos. Love babies. Love the wonderful new member of the family for Patrick and Shelby and all of you!

  5. Awww...this is the best! Congratulations on Dottie, and that wedding was the best!

  6. Ahhhh, and we will always remember when sweet Dottie was born. Such a day it was. I loved sharing the morning with you.
    Love you
    Mean it

  7. Oh Donna! She is just precious! Congratulations to the happy family! Born on the royal wedding day, now that is special indeed.

  8. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Oh, congratulations! What a beautiful new granddaughter! And I was worried something was wrong since you hadn't commented on the wedding. But instead, happy news. Best wishes to Patrick and Shelby on the birth of their darling daughter.

    Debbie Z.

  9. Debbie from Illinois7:06 AM

    Congratulations! Welcome to the world Dottie.

  10. Over the moon happy for you and yourS. Dottie!! Most excellent name. Can’t wait to see what you ordered to commemorate the day. I have a guess. Hugs...Heidi

  11. Oh, how sweet! I missed this post, but was so happy to see your sweet Dottie was born on that special day! And I love her name.

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