Friday, June 29, 2018

I promised...

I promised the Instagrams and Snapchats....

They are a bit wild but they are so fun!

Melinda is finally an Auntie!!!

A visit to the Union on a cloudy, cool Saturday night.  A band was playing and the little ones got ice cream.  With all the grad activities it was tricky to fit in a tour of Madison.  Emma and James went to the Farmer's Market and then I wanted to share the wonderful Union with him.  

Zeke got a bowl of ice cream and he was terribly disappointed about it.
When Asher tired of his cone her gave the rest to Zeke.  Cindy is helping the little dude.  It's her speciality.

When did Cindy teach Lorelei how to do this?

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin

Giant senior pictures projected before the commencement!!!!

Katie's cheering squad!

Out of order picture...
this picture is from Friday...
Love the car pics Melinda sends me!!

If you don't have Snapchat, this is what it looks like before you send it.

We got our seats 1 hour before the commencement.
Saved a big row in the perfect spot.

Back to Saturday night.  
Will one of these children be a Badger?

Nurse Melinda posing with the Science, anatomy, Bucky Badger.

There are dozens of Bucky Badgers all over town.  
Folks are having fun finding them all!

Gosh, I couldn't love my family more....

July 3rd I am heading to California to see Shelby and Patrick and meet Dottie!!!
I can not wait!!!

Happy Friday.
It's hot as blazes here in the Midwest but I'm lucky to stay indoors most of the day and have fine air conditioning.  Emma is experiencing her first hot Missouri days.  It always took me by surprise when I visited my sister's in the summer.  Oven-like.  yikes.
So stay safe and cool if you have to be outside.

Guess what I am re-watching?

Downton Abbey!
Loving it!



  1. Hot as hecky-foo in Montreal but I’m on vacation, have chilled rose and Do Not Care. Love your pictures. Your family are all so beautiful and look so happy together. Wishing Katie mucho blessings on her gap year and her very, very bright future. We need more like you, Katie Grace!

    Much love to you, Donna Elsie, from the land of poutine and French and my ancestors.


  2. So happy to see all of your people! Blessings upon you my friend!!

  3. This is simply splendid. Nothing like family celebrations! Yay, Katie!

  4. Love these, all of 'em. Talk about joy!

    Hooray for Katie!

    And hooray to rewatching Downtown Abbey!!

  5. What fun times! Enjoy your trip to CA!

  6. Love your family photos. ♥️♥️♥️

  7. One can not explain Missouri summers and do the horrors of it justice. I've lived here all my nearly 45 years, and you never actually get use to it unless you thrive on sweltering heat. Hydration and climate controlled employment are my means of survival!!!


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