Tuesday, September 11, 2018


You must have tickets ahead of time to go to the 9/11 museum.  We missed out and I would love to go some time.  

Katie heard people talking about the plane crash in Penn. (The fourth plane)  She did not know about flight 93.
She was only one when our country was attacked.  In the weeks following the attack Katie LOVED seeing the fire engines racing by with American flags flying behind them.
She learned to sing God Bless American and waved a flag around with glee.

I remember that whole fall seemed eerie. 
I remember feeling so on edge.
Jets flying over were scary.
News bulletins on TV were startling.

How could we ever forget?

And how can my 18 year old not know this whole story?
It's weird what you assume sinks in....I think we will watch Flight 93 tonight.


Remembering the lost and their families and loved ones today.


  1. Too many people don't know or have forgotten. We must never forget. It will happen again if we aren't vigilant. This day still haunts me.

  2. Wayne and I were able to see the memorial during our December visit to NYC. Poignant. Sad. Humbling. I could have spent days (in tears) in the exhibit which has pictures and recorded messages from family members and friends sharing memories of a loved one lost in the attack. Thanks for the memorial post.

  3. My youngest son was 3 when it happened. I remember being glued to the tv, but also trying to shield him from the horror. Several days later, when planes were finally allowed back in the air, he was playing outside - but came running in in fear ~ because he was afraid of the planes. I thought I had shielded him...

    He's in college now. I skyped with him this evening & asked did he remember it. He said no, but he remembered knowing something was terribly wrong.


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