Monday, September 24, 2018

In which my husband and I handle things differently.

At the end of last year, at school, I left my sunglasses in a black bag (that each of us use at school).
I was pretty sure I left them behind.  I was not concerned enough about them to go looking during the summer.   When I arrived this morning to SUB at my old school I looked for the bag but it was being used.  Which it should be, by one of the new assistants.

When I was outside, I visited with the other assistants.  
And it didn't happen instantly...but it kind of dawned on me when I spotted the 'Ray Ban' signature on the side of the glasses worn by a new assistant.
Cat eye Ray Bans.  I've never met anyone who had this pair.
But here they were.

I absolutely did not say anything about it.

I figured....finders keepers.

Glad she likes them.

When I told Patrick....he had a very different take!
"You didn't get them back?!?!

what if they weren't mine....
(and as I look at this picture...they are black and maybe the ones I saw today were tortoise shell)
blah, blah, blah,

and then he told me that one day a few year ago he saw someone at work drinking a Mountain Dew,
and he knew it was HIS Mountain Dew.  
He pointed at the pop and said in a gruff voice, "Is that MY pop?"

And the startled woman said.....
'Oh, they are not for everyone?'
She offered to give it back, half-drunk.

He said. No.

Two years later, he is still ticked.

He can not believe I did not ask for them back.
I couldn't do it.  Those words could not come out of my mouth.

I'm not ticked.
They looked cute on her,

What would you do????

The happy loser,


  1. I feel you, Donna. I could not have asked for them back either. I’d be so worried about offending her in case they were not mine.

    Love the Mountain Dew story. Tee hee.

  2. Kristie Escoe9:47 PM

    I might have tried a casual ... "cute glasses, I used to have a pair similar to those but I lost them" and then hope the person offered them up. But no, I would not have asked for them back either. If you were ok without them for the past four months, were they that important anyway? :)

  3. Not in a million years and if my retinas were being seared by the sun. hurts SO BAD to lose a wonderful pair of sunglasses. Hope you find another pair that you love almost as much. And never put in a little black bag.

  4. Hum. I might have casually said something like... « this might sound odd but at the end of the year I left my sunglasses in the community bag, by chance did you happen to find a pair of sunglasses in it? » then again I might say to myself, « I wish I had come back to check the bag... those glasses of mine were cute. » and smirk at myself for losing them to the new assistant. Sorry xx

  5. I'd say something like, "... your glasses reminded me of a pair I lost at school. Shame, since I loved them ..."

    I'm not sure I could directly ask "are you wearing my glasses?"

    Then again, how much do Raybans cost??

    Patrick/Mountain Dew story is funny!!

  6. You are not alone....I would never have said a word.... I like your finders keepers philosophy...while my DH would have asked straight out no sugar coating.
    I think that makes us a good balance....

  7. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I would have done what you did- said nothing. But I would have mourned the loss of my sunglasses I loved. The loss of Ray Bans is pretty big, so I am sorry. Hope you will be able to get another pair you love soon.

    Debbie Z.

  8. yeah, i talk big, but i wouldn't have said anything either.
    however, every time i saw them i know i'd be ticked. not a gracious loser. :)

  9. I love reading you diplomatic responses!
    Honestly I didn't wear them very often, they are not prescription, which I need desperately.
    I have another nice pair that I don't use often.

  10. What I wish I would have said and what actually would (or would not) have come out of my mouth are two completely different things.

  11. I would have asked her where she got them. It would be your word against hers if she said they were hers, though.


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