Wednesday, October 17, 2018

It was all yellow.

This year the leaves turned brown and dropped off the trees.
Isn't that weird?  I can only guess it is because of all the rain.

So there was not big flash of color in our yard.
The pine trees are dying too, a fugus, I have heard.

But the colors, they are here and there.  Bright reds and earnest oranges.
And I notice them as if I am playing a game of  hide and seek.

I won't compare and be sad.
I will be thankful....
and remember....

Encourage one another,


  1. "earnest oranges" Best description ever. I have stopped (safely) in the middle of the road to snap photos of the few brightly-lit trees. Thank you for the reminder to remember. And be thankful.

    1. Thank you Anita! Wonderful compliment coming from my famous writer friend :o)

  2. We went and walked among the aspens on Sunday. Gorgeous yellows. And that hushed quaking sound is soothing to my soul.


    1. I was just saying that I'd love to see the aspens one day!!!!

  3. This year in Denver our leaf fall and first snow fall came together. It snowed several inches on Sunday and the leaves were falling right along - and still green, too. Today it is in the 50's and the snow is gone. Many of the trees around us are bare but ours has greenish brown, dried up and curled up leaves - I am sure from the weird weekend. At least I understand the mountain colors were great this year (they change earlier than here on the front range).

  4. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Coldplay. Lovely photos! Up here in Ontario the colours are spectacular. There is artwork everywhere on the ground, and I have to hold myself back from stopping every few steps to pick up a piece. It almost feels sacrilegious to walk by such beauty - it would be more fitting to just stand in awe. Every fall I think, "I hope when I die, I can do it as beautifully and gracefully as a maple leaf."

    Kristin (an admiring reader but very infrequent leaver of comments)

  5. Kristin, lovely words. All of you, actually. Thank you for reminding me to stop for the beauty.


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