Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Happy October!

Hi!  I wanted to share some fun pictures from last weekend's wedding!

My niece Hillary was married to her long time love Michael over the weekend in Indiana.
Patrick, Katie and I drove down and picked up Uncle Paulie at the airport.
Emma and James drove in from Missouri.

It was a beautiful wedding with glorious music, a beautiful couple, and loads of family and friends.
I have tried for an hour to upload a few videos and they have not worked.  

Just imagine my niece Ellie and her husband singing The Prayer.
It was beautiful, emotional and powerful.

I liked Ellie and Stevens just as well....

The video was really cute.  With both Hillary and Michael!
But here is the bride as she passed by :o)

The newlyweds :o)


Off on another adventure this weekend!

I'll fill you in on the flip side!

Love Wins,


  1. Thank you for continuing to update every so often. I am grateful for you and so glad to see this sweet wedding!

  2. Anonymous4:18 PM

    The wedding sounds lovely, and your "newlyweds" Emma and James look so happy together!

    Debbie Z.


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