Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Dear God,

Dear Prayer Warriors.
Please pray for Emma today.  She had a seizure this morning.
James was with her and she did not fall or hurt herself (other than being sore from them muscle tensing)
She has called her OB and will be going in to see her today and they've decided to go the ER to see a neurologist quicker.  (Her current Neuro is not attentive and absent)

We are all worried and would like wise medical care and counsel.

I know you love her and will pray with me.

Love Donna


Emma and her baby were listened to at the ER and they let them go.  Then she and James headed over to the OB.  She had a more thorough looking into at the OB. Nice long ultrasound and lots of monitoring.  All looks good as far as the baby is concerned.  Emma has yet to talk to a neurologist but her OB is helping her with that.

Thank you for praying. 
We still need some good solid advice from a neuro and
that will be my continued prayer. 

All will be well.


  1. Praying for Emma and all of you! Please keep us updated!

  2. Praying!
    Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

  3. Praying for guidance from experienced medical professionals. Hope you get the answers needed.

  4. Praying for Emma and baby now.

    Debbie Z.

  5. Praying for all of you!

  6. I somehow missed this yesterday. I'm glad she was checked out thoroughly by the ER and her OB. Hopefully she will land with an attentive and caring neurologist soon. Lots of love for her and her growing family.

  7. There are really no words, just holding Emma and baby and James and YOU all in our hearts and prayers. Thank you for the update!
    LOVE and PRAYERS, jep

  8. I missed the initial post but glad I got to see the update as soon as I read it! Sending prayers that God, in his mercy, will answer all your prayers for Emma and this pregnancy.

  9. Thanks for the update; you all remain in my prayers.

  10. Praying to the great Physician for healing of your dear girl. Protection for her and the little one. I will continue to pray for them both and you, too, because Grandmothers and mothers are great worriers. God bless.

  11. We were certainly being praying for Emma and baby! Health and wholeness for all!

  12. Oh dear, Donna, I'm sure this is so scary. Many prayers for Emma, James and their precious baby.

  13. Oh how scary. Prayers sent up for Emma and baby,James and you too!

  14. I wondered if she had to deal with medication changes during her pregnancy. always a privilege to pray for my pregnant friends and now i know more specifically how to pray for emma. how long til baby comes, again?

    1. Emma is due Nov. 26.

      So thankful for every prayer!

  15. Continued prayers for all. God is good


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