Monday, October 21, 2019

This week in photography.

Here is my beautiful picture of the delicious Zip Whiz Burger.
See how I made sure you could see that it had cheese whiz and mustard and pickles on it?
Mugg's Up is walking distance from Emma and James' new house.
We drove.
I really do love these nutty little loose meat sandwiches.  
When I make them I braise my ground beef.
(Do you call it hamburger meat?  I do.  Patrick always made fun of me for calling it that.  I wonder if that is a Chicago thing.  Chime in to let me know what you call it.)
Back to the meat. ......  I think I have seen someone cooking the ground beef in a large pan in the oven.  I may try this to get the meat extra soft.

Get your soft meat here!

Isn't this the prettiest pumpkin?
I just love it!

Today we had my least favorite weather day and my most favorite weather day all in one day~

This morning it was ding dang dark and rainy.  
By noon the wind blew the clouds away and it is sunny and blustery and delightful!


On stormy days 
When the wind is high
Tall trees are brooms
Sweeping the sky.

They swish their branches
In buckets of rain
And swash and sweep it
Blue again.

~Dorothy Aldis

Encourage one another,


  1. Hamburger and ground beef are interchangeable for me. Maybe my Chicago and Michigan roots are battling it out.
    I always just cook my hamburger/ground beef in a skillet and trot back and forth mincing and chopping it till it's done. Always with onion.
    For awhile I felt guilty buying Velveeta and Cheez Whiz. No longer. I saw that Ree used Velveeta in her 7 can soup. And what is Cheez Whiz but Velveeta in a jar?

  2. Anita, I will never forget the hassle I got for posting my cheese broccoli soup recipe, which uses American Cheese slices. Oh boy. It was up there with mustard mentions and babies swimming underwater!

  3. HAHAHAH! Babies Underwater!!!! #FLASHBACKS

    So i thought this burger was from that place you go up north that someone in the family owns.. but did james and emma move up north or am I conflating two stories?? And my parents ALWAYS called it hamburger meat. From Platteville, WI. :)


    1. Hey! Happy to see you.
      I was in Missouri where they have a tiny place called Muggs Up. Muggs up is famous for it's loose meat sandwiches.
      My friend Karen, who now lives in the Madison was owner of Micky-Lu's BBQ in Marinette. (part owner due to marriage)
      Micky Lu's has hard roll buns (from Boucher's Bakery for 40+ years), little hamburger and a pat of butter. (They are better than the Krols (sp) near the stadium in GB imo because ML's are made on a real charcoal grill.) Karen is now divorced but her husband keeps Mikey Lus going strong.

    2. Kroll's - my literal home away from home. Lived just a mile or so from there and spent every night from 1987-1990 there. Like, actually. Literally. For real. :)

  4. For me: ground beef, not sure if it's an Alaska thing. But my grandma called it Hamburger meat (raised in Oklahoma). We used velveeta on tacos when I was a child. I don't miss it (cheese-food!) at all.

    Thanks for the poem!

    Good thing I ended up in Switzerland; I'm a cheese snob! But I understand there is international award-winning cheese in Wisconsin :)

    1. Oh yes! We are big in the cheese world. Matthew and Melinda say the cheese is no bueno in Nebraska.

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Southern gal here---hamburger meat. Absolute LOVE the lil poem. Brings beautiful pictures to mind. Linda in Tn.

    1. Dorothy Aldis painted the BEST word pictures!!! I love her sweet simple perfect words.

  6. I typically call it just hamburger, regardless of how I am using it.

    Oddly, I am from central Missouri and have never been to Mug's Up. Have an appointment there this week...I may have to try it. I tried Just Jeff's on my last trip. I thought it was a good messy burger!

    1. YES!! James prefers Just Jeff's and I went there two times on previous visits. I get the Italian Beef which is very good. Mugg's up is just across the street! You will just make it to Muggs Up! They close for the season on Nov. 2 I think. You will be so close to Emma!!!

    2. Tell her I will be in town on Thursday afternoon emitting love to her for her momma!

    3. Ground beef for me. Leaving this post with love for the poem and so hungry for that sandwich!

  7. Like Anita we use both ground beef and hamburger and I have no idea why. All in the family are from TX unless you go back generations and then they are from the Deep South...further back England. All are tea drinkers, English influence maybe? ;) I am suppose to be doing exercises and instead I am drooling over your photos. This is much more fun than the exercising. Love and prayers for all. jep


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