Tuesday, December 10, 2019

beams of love

Who does she look like?
Isn't that the question we always ask as we look at new babies?

This big cheeked baby is me.

I sure had a lot of hair!
Not really a surprise! he he

I was once told by a friend's mother, "Esther loved her babies."

Babies are hard work.  How we worry.  How we want to puke from exhaustion.

But somehow, Esther Jean was known for loving her babies. 
Even when she had two in one year and two in one day!

Love is a powerful things.
It is the most important thing.
It is eternal.

How far that little candle throws her beams,


  1. What a precious photo. Your little hand in your mom’s!

  2. A Mother's Love, unexplainable, undeniable, unequivocal...in my mind as close as we get to understanding God's love for us here on earth. How blessed we are who have had a mother's love. No one can take that away even when our mother is no longer here to give it. That love lives in our very heartbeats. love and prayers, jep


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