Sunday, December 01, 2019

The One Where Emma Has A Baby

On Nov. 19th about 9:00am Emma called.  
'I think I am having contractions, I think my water might have broken last night, I think this is it.'

I called Patrick.
I scrambled around the house to finish packing my bag and the car.
I was out the door and on my way to Missouri.

Melinda, in Omaha was doing the same.

I had a four hundred mile drive to make.
As early as 10:00 am  Emma was at already to four.

Melinda was worried we would miss the birth.

When Melinda arrived she texted me;
"Emma is at 8 cm and cool as a cucumber."

I was in the middle of Missouri waiting for crossing guards and children and tractors to....

I arrived at the hospital at 4:00 pm
I did not know where to park.
I was in a panic.
I had to basically walk around the whole hospital.
I got to Emma's room about 4:20.

It was quiet and dark and Emma was on her side.  She was handling her contractions with yoga breathing.  James was helping her along.
Melinda and I were astonished to see her doing so well.

I held back and prayed.
Melinda sweetly encouraged Emma when she started to transition.

In a matter of ten minutes, Emma was ready to push.
My strong tough girl pushed hard and well and by 5:02
River Jean screamed her way into this world.

Melinda and I stood back and watched the beauty and marvel of it all.
Emma and James took turns doing skin on skin.

Emma was able to follow her birth plan.  No drugs. No epidural.
Incredible, just incredible.

"And so began our longest journey together."

Lorelei has been such a sweet, happy big sister!!!  
James is taking the night shift so that Emma can sleep.
He is a helpful, fantastic daddy and husband.
Emma is happy to hold River all day and misses her at night as she sleeps.

River is content and a good eater.
She loves when we sing to her and hates cold wipes.
She is beautiful, of course.

I will miss this pretty little face as I have come home now.

River is loved beyond measure.

The happiest days are when babies come.

Donna Elsie


  1. Even already knowing the outcome, I so loved reading this story. It’s wonderful that you and Melinda made it on time. God bless River Jean and her loving family. xoxo

  2. Thanks for this! I'm so happy you made it there in time!

    She's a darlin' - God bless this sweet family.

  3. Oh darling Donna,
    My heart is full. I am so happy you made it in time.
    I am so filled with joy that you were together with your girl.
    love you
    mean it

  4. What a beautiful, happy time! And what a blessing to be able to share that with your daughter.

  5. so happy for you and your family!!

  6. So happy that everything went well for Emma and that you and Melinda were there for her. River Jean is a beautiful baby born in to a loving family ❤️

  7. Yay, just a heartfelt yay!

  8. Oh the stories you tell and the photos you take are better than my favorite book. And, that is saying a lot! What JOY in all of your faces. And, that precious one is now at home and in Emma and James' arms. So happy for you that you and Melinda were there and you were able to stay with them and hold River. Tears of happiness and praise to God for such a wonderful outcome. Thank you for sharing! love and prayers, jep

  9. Blessings beyond compare! Congratulations to the besotted parents and the very happy grandparents. Little River is so precious.

  10. Congratulations to all. River is beautiful. What a blessing babies are. Wendy

  11. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Congratulations on beautiful River Jean! God bless you all.

  12. This is so special. She is precious. What a sweet family. Congratulations to the whole family. How wonderful that you made it on time.

  13. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story! Great job, Emma, and all her helpers!


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