Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Trusting God. Loving others. Staying home.

Stephanie and her husband, Vicar Scott, share the Noonday Office.  I think it is perfect and comforting. I plan to pray this with them every day at Noon.

I am staying home and saving lives.
How about you?

How are you and your families? 

We are well. 
Katie's college is closed so she will be coming home soon.

I visited Emma in Missouri last week.  She is still unable to drive so she has been in isolation since River was born.

Now don't get all excited....River does not have red hair.  It's a teeny red but my Nikon loves to add red to pictures.  We had a super fun time getting to know one another.  She loves my singing!!

My favorite song to sing to her is Close to You by the Carpenters.  I have a hard time remembering words to songs...but ones I learned when I was young seem to stick with me.
Even Baby Beluga is beyond me.  I've heard it 500 times....but who knows what Raffi is saying?
Weird huh?

Melinda and Matthew had a scare as Melinda's mom was at the special olympics in Omaha that had the covid-19 case....Ezekiel stayed with them a time or two before they know that they had been exposed.  I am very thankful that Carol Sue's family isolated and they did not come down with the virus. Zekie is fine too.  So very thankful.  Melinda is on the front lines as a nurse.  She is feeling anxious.  Could you pray for her.

I never imagined my tendency to laziness would be virtuous.
But here we are.

Take care!

Love you,


  1. I'm glad you and yours are well. How wonderful to visit River, and sing to her. She's darling. Emma surely appreciated your visit. I remember when my dear Mom would visit us in New Jersey - it was like a tonic, a morale booster ��

    Prayers for a good journey home for Katie.

    We are fine. We have a beautiful spot to "shelter at home".

    I'll have to look for Zion's noontime office. Although it'll come at my dinner time :)

    God bless you, Donna!

  2. Sloth as a virtue. I love it. And excel at it. My husband is running around the house in a frenzy of productivity, finishing a hundred household tasks. I can be found in front of the laptop almost any time of the day practicing safe social interaction. Blessing to Emma and River. Glad you had time with them both! Prayers for Melinda and all health care workers. Heroes! Stay safe and healthy and strong.

  3. Thank you for sharing that, dear Donna! Sometimes it'll be noon, sometimes it'll be Evensong. Probably always on Wednesdays and Sundays, and other surprises throughout the week - but probably not daily. You can always watch it over again! :) :) Love you all. Mean it. What strange days. -Stephie

    1. I totally plan on watching this very video every day at noon :o)

  4. Thank you, Melinda! Praying for you.
    That grandgirl is beautiful!! Bless you all, Emma!
    I am still going to work for now. Anyone who can work from home is, so isolating is easy. Hospice work qualifies as essential, for sure. John is working from home and I am waiting to hear this will be the new normal until June for him, too. Bren’s home, Madelaine’s home. My heart stretches from Chicago to Brooklyn to France.

    I loved my years at home with my children (the years, not always each moment, of course) but to have being home together thrust upon you is a different matter. Young families are in my prayers as well.

    Lord, have mercy.

    Love you, dear Donna Elsie.


    1. our hearts...stretching long and longer....
      I am home alone now...with a strange anxious feeling in my chest.
      I breathe. I remember the women during the wars. I hope.
      Love you Di.

  5. Anonymous12:39 PM

    What a blessing Stephanie and her husband were to me today! I said the Lord's Prayer with them and was so comforted by the scripture they read. I will watch any and all of their video's you post, Donna. These are strange times, indeed. But I read this quote today, "These challenges are great, but God is greater." Your granddaughter River is just adorable. I am so glad you were able to visit she and Emma before travel restrictions. God is so good. I will be praying for Melinda's safety.

    Debbie Z.

    1. Thank you Debbie! I prayed along with the Lord's Prayer too.

  6. Dear Ones, Thank you Donna for sending River Jean to brighten our day! And, Stephie and Vicar Scott are a balm for the soul, too. Trust God, lean into Jesus Christ our Lord, pray and this too will pass, I do believe. We are staying to ourselves and as soon as the wet weather stops will try to do a bit of gardening. Spring is mostly here for us now. You are all in my daily prayers for good health and peace of mind. love and prayers, jep

  7. River is so precious! Prayers for Melinda while she's at work. One of my daughters is an RN at a local hospital. So I feel the angst. I am still working part time at Joann Fabrics. I just want to stay home, but no work, no pay. We think the governor will soon be closing all non essential businesses. God is in control. He knows the future. He is safe to trust.

    Looking foward to listening to Steph and her husband. Thank you for posting the video. 😊

  8. Thank you all for joining me here in this familiar old place....
    I am thankful for you!


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