Tuesday, March 24, 2020

We can be Heroes!!!

If we all do our part we can be Heroes.
Stay home. Save lives.

God bless those of you who are on the front lines.
We will stay home to try to ease your burden.

You are the big heroes.
We are the little heroes.
But heroes, none the less.

From Melinda:

Today I join you all in trying to balance the details of this new life.

I am lucky to still be working. I am proud to be a nurse, and happy to go take care of mamas welcoming new babies into the world. Even if it looks a little different today than it did a few weeks ago. And I never planned on having my school aged children home 24/7. I never planned on homeschool, or social distancing, or the anxiety of not knowing what I may be walking into with my hospital nursing job.

But. We can do hard things.

I tell my patients this a lot. When labor gets hard, and they want to quit. We can do hard things. Especially for our babies. We can do hard things.

So, today. I remind myself of this. This is going to be hard. This is going to be stressful, but we have to show each other grace. This is going to be stressful, but we have to be active in forgiveness. This is going to be stressful, but we must practice patience. This is going to be stressful, but we have to be kind. This is going to be stressful, but the sun will still rise tomorrow. This is going to be stressful, but we will do our best.

We will do our best. We can do hard things.

And we don’t have to do them on our own. We are all doing this together. With our family, with our friends, with this sisterhood of other women and other mamas next door and around the world. We are entering into this great challenge, this great responsibility, with an entire world of support.

And how lucky are we? To have fridges full of food, and access to world class healthcare, and warm houses, and books, and electronic devices for learning and entertainment. We have yards in which to play, and roads that are safe for travel.

And we have so many helpers. The grocery store workers, the delivery drivers, the farmers, and manufacturers, the civil servants, the teachers, the healthcare workers. They are all working and adapting and helping us along the way.

Am I sacred? Yes. Am I uncertain? Absolutely. Am I stressed? A little. But am I still oh so very blessed? More than ever. I am holding onto faith. I am practicing joy. I am searching for peace.

We are doing our best. Because we can do hard things.

Thank you Melinda.  Just perfect.

Yes.  I love that....We can do hard things.

Encourage one another,


  1. Oh my. Melinda, you are just what I needed this morning. These are uncharted waters, but surely we can chose to be kind and brave. And Stay Home.

    Donna Elsie, thanks for (once again) being my cheerleader. You really do encourage me.

    God’s Speed, QLCS. May we all be heroes today.


    1. Thank you Di!
      We CAN be heroes!!!

  2. Love this! Thank you for continuing with your cheerleading, especially during these times!!

    Dawn K

    1. You're welcome....
      Edison, Wheaton Central.....the world....

  3. Melinda, such an eloquent statement and one we totally agree with, too! You have been and continue to be in our daily prayers. We say: God be with Melinda as a wife, mother, nurse and daughter caring for her family and patients and with Matthew, Asher, Malachi and Ezekiel. And, with her mother Carol Sue! Praying by name for the Boucher family and all the CLCS members I can remember. We are staying home, trying not to stretch our hospital system and doctor's offices any thinner than they are right now.
    It does not seem heroic considering what so many are doing on the front lines in health care and public service positions (police, firefighters). It does not seem as important as you Donna providing encouragement and blessings in all you do here. If anyone has a crisis, I hope you will let Donna know and we will send special petitions heavenward.
    love and prayers, jep

    1. Your prayers are so very important. And by isolating you truly are saving lives and making things less distressing for the medical folks.
      What you are doing matters!!

  4. Melinda’s words are beautiful and so encouraging. And the QLCS never disappoints. Jep’s comment touched my heart. Stay safe, my hero friends!!


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