Thursday, May 14, 2020

There goes my baby.

Katie is moving to an apartment this weekend.  
She is looking forward to the freedom and well...
the freedom.


She is not going far.
We are wishing her well
and sending her off with real love and virtual hugs and kisses.

And so it goes
and so it goes....

Be always coming home


  1. Oh, this is big! Good luck to Katie and I’m glad she won’t be far from you. Sending love to your empty nest! xo

  2. best wishes to katie. I am sure it's a weird mix of being happy for her, but also being sad to see her go. It's a confusing time!

  3. Big steps are filled with mixed emotions! Glad she's not going too far! Sending loving thoughts and prayers for a good transition for all. ❤️

  4. Thank you friends.
    Love you all.

  5. We have been praying for Katie to get settled into her new nest this weekend and praying for you also as she does. I am reminded of the quote from Khalil Gibran: "You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth." love and prayers, jep


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