Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Christmas past.


The relatives came!  We really had a nice visit. 

Stayed home for the most part.  Lots of togetherness in our small nest.  

My easy delicious meals were delicious but they ended up not so easy.  

I've got the tenderloin recipe perfect so I am going to put my method on my recipe page;

Recipes I have know and loved

Matthew and Melinda helped Katie celebrate her 21st!

Grand children minus Dottie and Silas! 
River, Malachi, Lorelei, Asher, Ezekiel
They are full of life.

River would not let me hold her.  So before she left I cuddled up close to her and pretended.
Excuse my wacky hair.  I was not thinking of my appearance.

Birthday girl and her boyfriend, Chandler.

Hi River!  Do we have enough blankets to peekaboo with you?

Little sledders!  

Party girls!

So wild.  haha

So that was Christmas!!!  A few weeks ago.  
I had this all ready to go but forgot to post it.

It's always Christmas when you believe.

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie


  1. Beautiful!
    Gladdens my heart to see so many of your family together ❣️


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