Saturday, April 10, 2021

Full hearts

 Patrick, Katie and I went to Omaha for Easter.  Emma and James come up from Missouri and Patrick and Shelby now live in Omaha very near to Matthew and Melinda.  So we were ALL TOGETHER!!! 

It was just wonderful.  We had an Easter egg hunt outside and Melinda cooked a delicious dinner!  We went to the zoo and Patrick and I nearly died.  The children ran circles around one another as we panted and whined and worried about the huge crowds.  Actually Patrick did not whine...until we got home.  I whine in real time.

We celebrated Emma's birthday out at an air bnb that Emma and James stayed at.  River seems most interested in Silas.  Babies are funny like that.  

It was a beautiful weekend!  I taught Asher how to play HORSE and he promptly beat me.  We gave Matthews family a corn hole game for Christmas and they pulled that out to play on the driveway!

I look for benches.  That is what I was on the hunt for.  

We went to the Henry Dorling zoo on Friday.  Melinda said she has never seen it so busy.  
It was just a gorgeous day!  

Cocktails with Katie.
It's a thing.

River enjoyed toddling around with all the activity.  She likes to stay close to Emma and James.  But we were able to pick her up from time to time.  She loves when we sing to her. And she loves to oink!

James with the babies. Silas and River.

Lorelei had tons of fun with her cousins!!  She is a sweet, happy girl!

Our four.  2021.
So special!!!

Zeke has his dad's exact cowlick. What a doll he is!!!

Special cake for Emma's birthday!  Melinda wondered if she should just have a half a piece, and I stated emphatically, "You deserve to have your own piece of cake."

You can quote me on that.

It's hard to pin this busy gal down!!! Bright, funny Dottie!!  
Loves blueberries, does not love to have her face wiped.  haha

I took family snaps of each family. I will have something for Christmas cards this year! 

I didn't think to get a picture with all the grandchildren until it was too late.  So here I am with the first three ;o)

We are so happy you are in the area!!  

Hello smiley Silas!!!

Emma and James just celebrated their third wedding anniversary.  

In which, I take pictures like a goof.


Happy Siblings Day!!!

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie


  1. Picture me, sitting on my sofa, smiling at every single photo. What a blessing to be together!
    Everyone looks marvelous. Truly.
    And yes to searching out a bench!! Ditto!

  2. I’m so happy for all of you!! Your yaya heart must have almost burst. :)

  3. I have had you in my thoughts and prayers so much this month already. In my journal I had written that Emma and James had their anniversary on the 7th and than I wrote that your mom's birthday was April 8th. Somehow I missed Emma's mind is not what it used to be. ;) I second what Susan and Mary said, "What a beautiful and happy family you have." And, I search out benches often these days. A good friend said to me, "We are decomposing on schedule." ;) Thank you for sharing! love and prayers, jep

  4. How wonderful that you could all be together! So many beautiful faces! I love the Henry Doorly Zoo. My grandparents were from southwest Iowa and my grandma would take us there often when we visited them. We were able to visit the zoo with our kids and some of our grandkids about 8 years ago.

  5. Your blessings runneth over! Love all the pictures of your beautiful family. I always remember to take pictures after everyone has left!

  6. So lucky to be with your lovely family!!

  7. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Such a treat to see pictures of your beautiful family- thank you so much for sharing with us! Your grandkids are as cute as they can be. And that photo of your four adult children- there is nothing that warms a mother's heart more than to have all her all the blessings of her heart together. I am so glad you were all able to be in Omaha. I just wish the photos I take of my grandkids were as good as yours. That photo of Zeke. Wow!

    1. Anonymous8:00 PM

      Oops, forgot to sign my name. :)
      Debbie Z.


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