Monday, September 20, 2021

Emmy's fashion. I'm really only here for Ted Lasso.

The amazing return of the red carpet post!!!


The Emmys were last night which nearly got past me because I watch so little on tv now.
The Wisconsin Badger Volleyball.  On Big 10 network.
The Housewives of here and there.  
I watch on Amazon and Apple+ and well....
I spend most of my time on YouTube and Locals.
I have found a couple of travel bloggers that I'm obsessed with.
Kara and Nate.  LOVE!!  
And I watch my daily podcasts.  
Katie says I have turned into high school.

I have not been successful in getting my family to watch Kara and Nate....although I have tried.
I have, however gotten people to watch Ted Lasso.
And well...they won 7 Emmys last night.
Ted Lasso is created by Bill Lawrence.  VDoozer.
I will watch anything Bill works on.  
He created Scrubs and Cougar Town and and a few others that just didn't make it.
The hallmark of a VDoozer production is fantastic character development. 
Humor and heart!  

Ted Lasso had me at hello.

Here are my favorite dresses of the night.  Let's just start out with my favorite!!!

Her shoes are the perfect color, the bodice is unique, that necklace is stunning!
The fit, style and length are just right.
I love it.

Interesting sleeves.  I like them.

Mindy wins for best hair and makeup.  So beautiful.
I wonder why designers keep doing those big bows.  
They are so 1980's.
There must be something else to do for interest at the waist.

Beautiful neckline.  Emotional speech.
Jean Smart is in a Hbo show called Hacks.  I don't think it's been seen by many but I really liked it and I really love Jean.  Her husband died a few months ago.  They met on Designing Woman.
Like I said her speech was very touching.

I thought this woman looked just lovely and elegant.

Gorgeous styling and perfect fit in this pretty pink dress.

Hi Ladies.  I don't know who you are....and while I don't think you go together AT ALL.
I really like both of your dresses!

Hello Olivia!  You look so pretty.

Oh look. My favorite dress again.

Smile Sarah.  Your dress is amazing!!!

Handsome and perfect!

This odd dress is so beautiful to me.  I think it is cool.

Ya look nice Conan. 
Work hard be kind.

I sure like these colors.  
Cool cut.
I'm not sure what is going on around the hips.  But I don't care.

I don't hate this.  So let's say...
Jason, you rock.

I really do love this dress on this gal.  She shoes are beautiful, the colors are sparkly,
and her hair and makeup are so natural and pretty. 

And we have found...
Where the Wild things Are.

Finally, a classic Miz Boo dress.
Dior, you rocked it.  It is feminine and frilly just like I like.
Jurnee Smolett's  hair and makeup are gorgeous and her necklace is astonishing.


Here is a clip that shows something special about the show Ted Lasso.
Forgiveness.  When was the last time you saw something like this?  It happens more than once in this show.  It's my favorite virtue.

Glad to be back.  
Love you lots.

Check out Kara and Nate on YouTube.  

Encourage one another,


  1. This was fun. My tastes in dresses is very prudish and classic (aka bland). But I like the apple green dress too! And the frilly one and the pink one and Jean Smart's. Whoever Sarah in the red dress is, I want to offer her a nice little cami to wear under the plunging neckline. :o

    1. are the modest faction ...and that's okay with me.
      Steph is right there with you! I love that deep cut...but it must be on a small breasted gal.

  2. I just watched that episode of Ted Lasso last night…. It got me! Love every character on that show, the writing is amazing. It’s a fabulous show!

    1. Last weeks episode was so husband and I just hated it. I heard they had two more weeks to fill and they didn't want to mess up the story they added this odd After Hours episode and the Christmas Episode. Which WAS very fun!

  3. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Oh, that green dress! I agree with you- the best of the bunch. I would wear it in a heartbeat (but not look like that). So wonderful to hear from you again. You have been greatly missed.

    Debbie Z.

  4. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Donna, so good to see you again. Hope you don't wait until the next gala event to post again.

    I watch little TV, though Survivor is starting again this week. That show is my weak spot. My husband sits in front of the TV every night. We do not have cable or any of the streaming services. He has limited tastes in what he prefers, but will watch most anything. I even found him watching Dobie Gillis one evening! OMGoodness! He likes the CSI type of programs, shows I call murder and mayhem and I try not to comment that it is no wonder there is so much crime...our kiddos have been raised with it on TV.

    I have heard about Ted Lasso and would be interested, I think. I checked to see if I could get it on my laptop, but alas no. So in the evening I sit with my headphones on and listen to podcasts or watch knitting and/or homesteading vlogs. It drives me bonkers to sit and not have my hands busy, so I am knitting lap robes to donate to the local nursing home to use as gifts for people who do not receive any gift.

    Your blog is an uplifting highlight. Even if I could care less about the awards shows or the dresses, it is interesting to see what you like and why.


    1. Hi! Thank you for leaving such a nice note. I have to keep my hands busy too!!! HOpefully I can think of things to talk about...I've been so dull and kind of frozen in the home and it's just not that interesting...

  5. Hi Donna! You were missed. I wondered if you would do a post about the dresses.☺ I also found all the big bows to be too much. I thought Jean Smart looked lovely.

    I have been watching Call The Midwife on Netflix. And I have watched way too many home shows on HGTV Go while recovering from foot surgery last summer and a second one this summer. Hometown is my favorite, Fixer to Fabulous and Good Bones are also fun to watch. Farm House Fixer was very interesting, but only 6 episodes.

    Looking forward to seeing you post again sooner than later! 😉

    1. I hope your foot is coming along!! There is a show on Discovery + called For the Love of Kitchens. It is the best show ever. You can get a trial of Discovery + and watch them all in a week. It is a couple who run a company called DeVol kitchens and they are absolutely spectacular!!! It's like British Bake off...but with the best kitchens you've ever seen. They have a Instagram if you can't get the show. Their instagram is gorgeous too!

  6. Oh Donna, I have missed you! It is so good to read QL today and know you are OK. Since I don't do any social media, I miss finding out about folks. Lovely dresses as always! And, we are with you about TV. We did see a good Netflix documentary on the guy who trained the horses for the Budweiser commercials with the Clydesdale horses and it was really good. The name of it is: My Heroes Were Cowboys. We have not seen Ted Lasso, but I did cut out a recipe for "The Official Ted Lasso Biscuits." We are going to make them as soon as it cools off here...which may not be until November! lol love and prayers, jep

    1. Hello Friend!! Thank you for the recommendation about the horses! I watched a sweet Netflix about training puppies to be guide dogs. It's called Pick of the Litter! Take a look at Smitten Kitchen's recipe for we call them. She is an amazing chef and made them to look just like Ted's. Since you don't watch it, I will tell you, Ted brings the biscuits to his boss to befriend her and he won't tell her where he gets them...we learn a few episodes later that he bakes the himself. And one of the other funny bits is how much he hates tea and bubbly water.

    2. Thanks for the tips about the shortbread and the Netflix. There is a series on Netflix called How to Be a Cowboy, and that is not the documentary I mentioned. It is a funny kind of reality hubby likes it. The documentary, My Heroes Were Cowboys, is only about 30 mins. long and so well done with the cinematography. Ted Lasso sounds like a good show, but we don't get it with the plan we are on now sadly!

  7. I love Ted Lasso! And I started re-watching it last night. I missed a lot of things in the early episodes. It's the best show! And Jason in that suit! So cool.

  8. Ellen, I've watched the episodes many times and catch more and more.
    The second season is more drama, don't you think? I loved the Rom-Com episode!! And isn't Roy's and his nieces relationship just the best. I loved when Ted gave Roy 'A Wrinkle in Time' and after reading it he yelled, "Am I suppose to be the girl!!"

  9. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Donna, I just happened upon a YouTube video of a young 7 year-old girl singing a religious version of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. I think you would find this quite beautiful. Here is the site:
    How amazing is her voice! And of course I love the fact that it is sung with Christian lyrics. Such a beautiful melody.
    Dee S

    1. Thank you Dee. I will check it out


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