Thursday, October 28, 2021

Prayers please

Good morning friends.

Just wanted to let you know I've got Covid.  So I would like prayers please.

Im getting the Monoclonal Antibodies this afternoon. Yay.  I'm taking everything I can get my hands on.

Unlike the doctors in Wisconsin, I believe in early treatment.  My dr. did absolutely nothing.  So for the biggest crisis in the history of the US (they'd have us believe) you doc says....let us know if you can't breath.

It's criminal.  They didn't even suggest Monoclonal Antibodies.

Gotta doctor yourselves friends. The world has gone mad.

So I am taking Quercetin, Zinc, D and C.  Melatonin, Pepcid.

These are all recommended by Dr. Drew and the Frontline docs. Also I'm gargling and cleaning my nose.  This is the kill the germs in our mouth and nose just like we clean the germs on our hands.

So I feel like I have a cold right now.  My prayer is to stop it in its tracks so I don't go to hospital.  

Melinda has it too and she is going to MA's today too.  She has asthma so let's pray for her too,

Love you guys,

Almost made a clean getaway......

Encourage one another



  1. I don't post much but I am praying for your recovery. I have an appointment for the booster next week. Don't want to have a break through case and give the virus to my grands by accident. Peace be with you.

  2. Donna, I've enjoyed your blog for years but have never posted a comment until now. Prayers for a quick recovery! My 95 yr old Dad (vaxxed) got covid in the antibodies...fully recovered. He's nearly back to his daily walk and workout. Rest up, continue your good care, and be at peace.

  3. Saying prayers for you both! Get lots of rest and water, use acetaminophen to control fever, and have a simple, quick way to get help if your breathing gets difficult. I've also heard get a pulse/ox device (it goes on your finger to check pulse and oxygen levels) so you know if your oxygen levels are getting low. Rest and hydration!! You'll beat it!

  4. Prayers for you. Agree-it is criminal! Hope you and Melinda are back to normal health soon!

  5. Prayers help, but so does being your own advocate for good care. I'm glad you were able to get early interventional treatment. Know that my prayers are added to the many more coming your way.

  6. Prayers for you and Melinda and that no one else in your family gets it.🙏💞

  7. Praying for you! You are doing everything I would do so can't offer any advice but you should feel a turn around after the MA. I am glad you are doing that. Up your C, D, zinc and quercetin levels until you are cleared - day 10 I believe? And then you will have big beautiful antibodies! Keep the faith!

  8. Prayers and white light for health.

  9. Prayers for a complete recovery, soon, Donna 🙏

  10. Praying God will heal you and Melinda quickly and you won't have to go to the hospital. I'm beginning to think nobody knows anything about this disease as we get conflicting reports almost daily. Get the shot and you still get Covid. Get the shot and you can get it even if you are home alone. I believe you when you say we have to take care of ourselves. Stay safe and be healthy soon.

  11. Praying for you! Betsy

  12. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I just saw this, Donna, and am praying for you and Melinda. May God restore you both to full health. Please give us updates- all your readers adore you.

    Debbie Z.

  13. Dear Donna, love and prayers always! jep

  14. You are wise! This is a treatable disease and I'm glad you have a protocol. We are preparing here for a funeral Wednesday for a dear friend who couldn't get early treatment. I am currently helping (long distance) my best friend and her husband who have been not treated in Canada (absolute malpractice up there!!) And they are improving now with the treatment protocol (after languishing alone in isolation until pneumonia set in!!) It is crazy how many people we KNOW are sick now compared to last year's reports. Something strange is going on. Blessings to you for a full recovery!

  15. Oh MY - so glad to hear you are on the mend. And YES we must take our care into our own hands more than ever. It is frightening to think our own Doctors could not offer more help - even just to consider.


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