Tuesday, October 19, 2021

 So what do I want to share with you today??  My dear dear high school friend, Jeanine, came to town on Sunday.  It was a very short and really wonderful visit!

She told me I need to keep blogging.

And while I don't really feel like I have anything to say, I'm gonna dig in and try.

Let's start with aging and death.

I feel old and think I am old.

Yet, a few weeks ago, my friend in France, Corey, shared a story about her mother in law in Normandy.  Said mother in law is 92.  She is moving to a new place and starting on the renovations!!

Well, if this isn't just the thing I need to hear.  No need to park the car quite yet.  I want to live until I die...just like Corey's mother in law.  

My little renovation!!!  A long time coming.  Say...twenty years!  We built a patio but never felt comfortable sitting out there because of the closeness of the neighbors.  They are lovely people but it was just too close to feel relaxed.  I mean I sometimes run Ginny out to her lead in my pajamas!

The fence project took only one day!  The man was great at this job!  I think it's just beautiful. Why would we wait until October?  Because we were in line....a long line.  

Today I bought some white spray paint and I'm going to freshen up a metal side table.  I also bought cement cleaner.  We will see how that goes.  Two jobs I've never done.  I'll let you see how they turn out!

I'd like twinkle lights and a Solo bonfire too.  

Good things come to those who wait. (not in the Bible)

You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor

James and his son singing this lovely song.

Encourage one another,
This one's for Jeanine.



  1. Yay to a new blog post! Thanks to your friend for encouraging you. :) The fence looks fabulous. Maybe you can hang some twinkle lights on it!!

  2. You're doing great! Keep up the good work. <3

  3. Sometimes all we need is an encouraging word and an inspirational story. And, some James Taylor songs! Thanks for sharing, your blog is important...just like you. Love and Prayers, jep PS Lovely fence, good luck with the cleaning up and twinkle lights. You can do it!

  4. You don't know me from Adam (as the saying goes) but way out here in SC I read your blog and celebrate you and your thoughts and your love of family and God. I've often thought if only Donna lived closer we could be kindred spirits. (Yes I have red hair haha!) Thank you for posting every once and awhile and thanks to great friends who encourage!

  5. I have always loved this song, it's on one of my JT CDs. Yes, I still have my CDs and DVDs, too! What a treat to hear these 2 sing together.
    By the way, the fence looks great!


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