Thursday, January 15, 2004

Chicks in the Nest

My big chick is back. He was on holiday in Washington. Middle chick and I drove to O'Hare to pick him the middle of the night! This 2 1/2 hour drive each way...four times....saved big chick...$100.

I was once a young chick too...I guess I understand :o)

We drove all the way home without the radio on...and talked and listened and talked some more.


Tibi splendet focus

One of my favorite books is called Mother Carey's Chickens. It is written by Kate Douglas Wiggins.
It is very much like Little Women. Motherhood is esteemed in this book and for that I love it!

"For you the hearth fire glows."


Is it Tuesday?

Tuesday is gymnastics day for Katie. It is an exciting day for Katie Gracie. She gets to visit other children and talk and spin and roll and flit about. So almost every day she asks, "Is it Tuesday?"

She likes her hand me down gymnastic outfit very much.

When she is not wearing this fun outfit, she wears a pink crushed velvet leotard and tutu with sparkly red 'Wizard of Oz' ruby slippers, like today. Or she wears a cute Wisconsin Badgers cheerleading outfit...or a bunny costume....or for days and days...she is Snow White!!!

Emma and I are much more sedate with out daily dress...we rarely wear costumes :o)


School time...

I love to read your comments...hint...hint...


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