Sunday, May 30, 2004

Check out the National World War II Slideshow at Yahoo.

There are some really great images of President Bush and his father and Bill Clinton.
Nice to see everybody supporting the veterans.
The middle child in me just wants to see everybody getting along :o)


We went to a movie last night! Woohoo!
Raising Helen.

Yeah, yeah,'s about a young woman and a bunch of kids....but I like the romance best!
The kids were not obnoxious.
John Corbet and Kate Hudson were very, very cute!
Helen's neighbor nearly steals the show.
I cried....
Oh, another cute part was when Helen tries to get her 'kids' accepted into the Lutheran School.

It's a nice movie...

But let me tell you about sticker shock. I could have bought a whole twelve pack of Code Red for the cost of my SMALL drink! Unbelieveable!
Ah was a treat to go out, alone with my hubby.

God Bless America, please....

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