Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Pretty as a Picture

Every night before I go to bed I check Yahoo News Photos to see the interesting/pretty pictures that have been posted for the day. I guess I am a very visual person. (Well, I do check the drudgereport too so I'm not a complete bimbo)
Here is Venus. It has been colored for dramatic effect.
Did you know it will cross between the Sun and the Earth on June 8th?

Isn't She Lovely?


Sunday morning I saw a story on CBS Sunday Morning about a photographer and a small town Cuba, Kansas. Jim Richardson has been taking photographs of this town of 300 for thirty years! He has taken around 100,000 pictures. It was a charming.

Richardson has the cover story in the National Geographic this month.
You may go and view a great preview of it at National Geographic's website.

.....'the sound of the wind and the windmills'....

Encourage one another,

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