Saturday, May 22, 2004

Dress Up

Lovely Emma

Katie wanted, so much, to be a part of the excitement!

Homeschool friends hosted a Homeschool Formal last night.
Most of the kids went solo...not a whole lot of dating going on in their group.
The girls had such fun with their hair and make-up and pretty dresses.
Last weekend two of the fathers gave dance lessons to a big group of the kids.
The guys and girls all went to learn the Cha-Cha, Swing, Fox Trot, Waltz and Bunny Hop.

There was a tent set up in a field and it rained and stormed the whole night! From what I hear...this did not dampen any spirits:o)

This wonderful group of teens is an answer to prayer.
They sing together in the homeschool choir, play soccer together, and have a fancy dress up Prom together.

One girl made a 'Jane Austen' was lovely and unique.
Perhaps I can convince Emma to do that next year :o)

Here is a site that sells patterns

Dance with one another,

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