Friday, September 25, 2009

How's that sock coming along?


I knit thru Survivor.


And I knit thru Grey's Anatomy


knit. knit. knit.

That's the thing about knee socks.

It's a lot of ribbing :o)
Knit three, purl one.
Size two double pointed needles.

How do you like them stats?

Josie. Our neighbors new dog.



She wears her heart on her sleeve. In a way :o)

And wow! I have to congratulate those of you who photograph pets, cause if you think children move a lot...
try a puppy some time.

This is what I learned yesterday. You must be very patient. Expect NOT to get a shot for ten/fifteen minutes.
Let the doggie get tired out and use to you and your camera.

Then you might have more success :o)


I have been asked why I didn't have a photography fan page on I do.

donna boucher photography fan page

All I know is....I will die of humiliation if I am my only friend at the end of the day...


I love to see what my wonderful clients order....which pictures they loved the most.

This was chosen by a recent client.

How I wish I had such a tender sweet moment like this with my babies.

I have asked a few mom's of newborns if they would like a nursing shot.
No one has been comfortable enough to do that yet....

Would you be comfortable with a nursing picture of you and your baby?

I would.

In a heartbeat.

I miss it.

Is that weird?

Encourage one another,

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