Monday, September 07, 2009

Julie and Julia

Paul Child: "What is it you really like to do?"
Julia Child: "Eat"
Paul Child: "You are so good at it."
Julia Child: "Look at me, I'm growing in front of you!"

How could I not love this movie? I loved it so much. It brings tears to my eyes how this movie made me feel.

I saw myself in both of these women and I saw my husband in both of the men.

It makes me tear up.
There is something about this movie that touches me.

A life of joy and love and passion.

The most delightful cinematic sister EVER.

A struggling writer. A challenge. Love. Failure. Perseverance. Hurt. Tenderness. Joy. Success.

Julie is not the perfect person.

But who is?

When Julie turns 30 she has a dinner party for friends.
All the women wear hats. Like Julia. I loved this so much. I loved how Julie dressed like and tried to emulate Julia.

I could relate to that somehow.

And Julia. What a delightful person. So full of life and joy and enthusiasm.

That's what it takes, I tell you. Enthusiasm.

And perseverance.

And love.

and blogging.....

You don't get that message in a movie every day, now, do you?

I just can't wait until I can buy this movie and watch it over and over for years to come.

Paul: Home is wherever we are.

Julie: I was drowning and she pulled me out of the ocean.

Did I mention....


Encourage one another,

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