Monday, September 28, 2009

It was my birthday so I got the lobster.

But it was the whole lobster and finding the meat with a whole lobster is like a treasure hunt I wasn't prepared for.

Patrick and Katie took me to a wonderful restaurant called johnny Delmonico's in downtown Madison for my birthday.
It is rat pack cool.
The menu was wonderful.

I was all set to order the 8oz tenderloin when I spotted the lobster on the menu.

We asked about the market price and the waiter pushed the surf and turf.

When we were kids, we went out to eat a lot. We got lobster a lot.
Nice big white lobster tails with butter bubbling in candle lit ramekins.

This is what I expected.

So I ordered the 6 oz. tenderloin and the Maine Lobster.

And when it came with it's body split in half and it's big red claws, I thought I had the crab on my plate cause it sure didn't look like any lobster I had eaten before.

I quickly ate the four bites that were in the tail and they were sweet and lovely. Probably the sweetest lobster I have ever tasted. Sadly, that was about it. I dug some out of each big red claw and was extremely thankful that I had a delicious piece of meat to enjoy.

The lobster alone would have been a dieters delight, I imagine.

One and a half pounds for a lobster may sound like a lot...but it is very small.

Now I know.

I also had wonderful hash browns with onions and Katie and I shared a Key Lime Pie dessert.

All in all it was a great birthday dinner. (Patrick liked his steak more than any other he has had in Madison.)
With a lesson in lobster thrown in.


My sister Cindy and her boys were stopping by on their way from Minocqua to Columbia Mo. They went up for the Rump Roast Run. I happen to be right on the way so I was delighted to have a birthday visit.
I also told Cindy I would take pictures of her and her big boys.
They weren't able to be in on the big photo extravaganza in Florida last July.

So. I tried out the light in the front yard with Katie.

It was lovely.

But by the time Cindy and the boys arrived it was cloudy. Not the best for sparkly eyes....but good enough, I hope.

The boys were GREAT sports and smiled and smiled...and Cindy was her happy, goofy self.


Proud Mom


All grown up!



Kiss your mom!~


She is the funny sister.


This is Steven. It could be a picture of my father's eye.
It is an amazing thing to see such a resemblance!
Our dad's eyes were more brown, but it is really uncanny!


How about that Amazing Race?

Eat the Wasabi!!!


Hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks for making mine extra special with all the birthday wishes!!!

Encourage one another,

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