Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Emma

Laundromat shoot

This birthday, this 26th birthday, seems like the biggest birthday so far.

Emma has many, many, many irons in the fire right now.
She is looking forward to graduation day in June.
She is looking forward to a less stressful time.

She is hanging on with all her might and courage....and all joy that she can muster.
She really is doing exceptionally well.

So on her birthday I wish for her lots of laughs and smiles and jokes and yummy things to eat.
I wish her eight hours of sleep and the peace that passeth all understanding.

I am beyond thankful that God gave this girl to us.

She is my best friend.

Laundromat 2



  1. Happy Blessings to Emma on her special day!!

  2. That is so sweet, Donna.

    Happy Birthday, Emma! Praying for you and your last couple of months of school. I know you'll finish strong. You are the same age as my daughter, Rebekah, who was 26 last month. Like your mom - she's my best friend, too. I hope your day is full of all the things you love most. Hugs.

  3. Happy birthday, sweet Emma! God has blessed you with a precious gift, the love and devotion from your mom. May this coming year be filled with many many gifts from God.

  4. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Happy Birthday, Emma!! You are such a precious gift to your family and it is obvious how much you are adored. I continue to pray for your good health and that God will bless you in all ways. And I LOVE the laundromat photos your mom took of you. So unique and absolutely wonderful.

    Debbie Z.

  5. Happy Birthday to Emma! I hope her test results were helpful and that she's doing really well! The last few months of school are awful tough, but she'll excel!

  6. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Happy, Happy Birthday Emma!
    We had the reminder on our computer calendar that today is your birthday and prayed for you during our neighborhood prayer walk at 5AM. You are loved by all of us here at QLCS and your family and friends and God. Thanks Donna for sharing her with us in these precious pictures.
    love and continued prayers, jep

  7. Happy birthday to sweet Emma! You are both so lucky to have each other.

    Love you. Mean it.

  8. Happy birthday, dear Emma! Alles gut zum Geburtstag. (Doesn't everything sound prettier in German? :-P )

  9. Happy Birthday, Emma!

  10. HBD Emma! You are blessed to be a blessing! Let your light shine!

  11. Happy Birthday, Emma! You are a beautiful young lady. How wonderful to not only have a lovely daughter, but to have her as a a friend!

  12. And Emma is, I am sure, so thankful, God gave you to her!

  13. Happy 26th Birthday Emma! What a glorious age. Saw the first Best Marigold Hotel this weekend and this quote reminded me of you. "Everything will be all right in the end... if it's not all right then it's not yet the end."
    Sending hugs of joy and love and life to you and yours.
    Heidi XOXO

  14. Happy Birthday Emma! The beauty of your spirit shows through your eyes ... you are beautiful and my prayer and wish for you is a wonderful day and a blessed year.

  15. She is an inspiration to me!

  16. Happy Birthday Emma :)

  17. Happy birthday to Emma!

  18. "She is my best friend." Sniff. Sniff.

    Such a great family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Emma. You are in my prayers!


  19. She's a wonder! Such a beauty. Such a brave heart!


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