Friday, May 08, 2015

Flash back Friday to...San Francisco

Let's go back to June of 2010.
I think you will enjoy seeing the pictures of our family vacation.
If you go to the archives at the bottom of the page, look for June 22 2010.

I really need to get out more.
My blog is much more fun when I get off the couch.



If you're going to San Francisco
be sure to....
take the Bart.

Hi everybody!

We just got home this morning at 4:00 am.

I loaded the pictures onto the computer and edited a few for you.
You have waited very patiently to get a glimpse of
Di and Donna take Coit tower.

I just know it.

So here are a few photos of our Thursday in San Fran.

The guys were at the US Open on Thursday.
But this is just the beginning....
I will share more tomorrow.

Until then....

Katie, Emma and I took the Bart to Embarcadaro.
We met Diane at the Ferry Building.

The coffee drinkers drank the best coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee.

I took pictures of mushrooms.



The End.

Naw. I'm just kidding :o)


We walked from China town (where we ate at The House of Nan King....and we all LOVED it) to Coit tower.

Katie and Emma skipped and floated up the hill.

Di and I, well.....she was kind to stick by my side. It was Mt. Everest Slow.

But we did it and we are proud.

And have pink cheeks to prove it :o)


We weren't comfortable with one another AT all. Ha!

Being with Di was a great gift to me.
She is sincere but not too serious.
She is easy going and smart and funny and lovely.

My heart is full and I am thankful for her.


Here is Diane with most of her gang with a few extras thrown in for good measure.

Gosh! They were fun!
Thanks for coming to the big city to bum around with us!


It's so good to be home.
The humidity greeted us...
and so did the empty highways and smooth sailing.

I loved our trip....
but I really love coming home.

Come back tomorrow to see lots and lots more.

Love ya,


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I remember this post in your, was it in 2010?
    My oh my, where did the days go.
    So much fun...if you could bottle it and bring it out when you needed that fun...oh wait, that is what photographs are good for among other things. This just makes me want to jump in the car and head for CA with a detour through Wisconsin. love and prayers for all, jep

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    House of Nan King is one of my favorites! Hoping I can get back there soon.

  3. It sounds like it was a fun trip. It's nice to visit with someone who knows the area so well. Five years ago? That doesn't seem possible.

  4. Oh, Donna. I love this post. I LOVED meeting you and your girls. I think I said at the end of 2010 that this was the highlight of my year. After so many years of cyber visits, real life was heavenly.

    I look at those "few extras" in our family pic and I see a daughter-in-law of almost THREE years and her cute brother who is now married to one of Carol's dearest friends. Five years bring a lot of change. Let's not think about where Katie and Bren will be in five years or I'll get all weepy.

    One of these days I want to come to WI. It's way up on my "To Visit" list.

    I hope your mother's day was lovely, Donna. You have shown us for years how to love well. Thanks mucho!


  5. Great pics! Di has an awesome smile and Katie looks incredibly young. Di, when you come to Wisconsin, maybe you can do a side trip to Chicago? :)

  6. Mary Z - YES! If and when it happens, I will make a general shout out for a QLCS gathering. It will be EPIC (-:


  7. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Ha! Count me in, Mary Z! I looked at the pictures of Di and the kids and had two thoughts: I just saw R. the handsome guy on the right yesterday, with his wife and little boy. Time goes by so quickly! And...Di used the word "lurve" to describe her son and his girlfriend. That's the first time I had heard it and I always associate it with these two. Fun flashback, Donna!

    Carol in Oregon

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