Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How-Old hilarity!

There is a website/app that guesses your age.

It's so much fun!

My sister Janet posted a picture of herself on Twitter with her 'guess'...
but first, I had to go try it....


90% of the time the app could not see me!
It was creepy.
I am the invisible woman.
Or from a tribe that can not be photographed.


Finally I got one to work.

I told you I was 35!


There.  That's closer.  I used the 'take picture' feature.
With glasses and without glasses I got the same age with this picture particular picture.  I wondered if the glasses made a difference.  It didn't in this case.
I tried it with my hair down many times and it could not see me.
(Once it did and it thought I was a man and really old, if I remember correctly.)

But sometimes the results are quite hilarious....


Oh my stinkin heck!!

I love you Janet!

(True facts: female and not yet fifty.)  is super easy to use on your phone.
(It can also be used on your computer)
Just go to the website and start loading pictures or taking pictures.

Have a blast!!!

Encourage one another,


  1. What fun!

    I tried it and it said 36! Whoot! A marvelous way to begin the day :-)

    Side note: it didn't detect my friends face

  2. Hilarious, Donna! BTW, thought of you last night while making Esther's Sauce. Grin. It's still our fave!

    1. Oh husband would have liked that dinner better than the one we had!

  3. Such a fun app! You can't be part-vampire or anything. Way too real and sweet.

    P.S. I think I took that picture of you, Emma and Katie at Emma's JustEmbrace good-bye party. :)

  4. I couldn't find your app but the one I downloaded said I was 21. Tell Janet to try that one!!

  5. I finally got a good one!! 45 yo female. YES.

    Oh my stinking heck.

  6. You are a riot!! NO way am I doing this.
    If i hold a cat or two will I get an older crazy cat lady look?


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