Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring unsprung.


A friend of Emma's asked if I took pictures of Katie's freckles.

Why, yes, I do.

I'm looking at sunny warm pictures in my photostream...
cause it's in the 40's today and I am trying to lighten my mood.


Ahhhh..... August....
It's not 46 degrees in August.





Softball game this afternoon...
you can be sure I will dress for the frozen tundra.

Happy Spring!

Encourage one another,


  1. I'm still traveling, and yesterday here in Anchorage it was warm, sunny, and 60 degrees. But it felt warmer - warm enough to wear my croc flip flops. I just checked the weather forecast for my *other* home and it's rain rain rain.

    I'm going to enjoy the sunshine while I can!

    Bundle up, Miz Boo

  2. Safe travels, Susan, and stay warm, Donna! We've had warm days here and there, but then they disappear into cold, gloomy days like today. :(

    I'm very partial to freckles. Katie wears them very well!

  3. This cold snap just as we were celebrating winter over ness is stinky!!
    I want porch weather!
    sigh...lake breezes only make it cooler than ever here.
    But we must have faith....freckle weather will come

    1. Anonymous10:28 PM

      I love that, kathy b, "freckle weather will come". It is so poetic, and gives me so much hope.

      Debbie Z.

  4. Thanks for sharing some sunshine. Happy Mother's day to you (yesterday) Donna!

  5. LOVE X 3 the collage and saying you added to it. Hard to believe the strange weather I have been reading about around the country---the snow in Denver included. 83 and overcast here in HOT-lanta. XXOO

  6. That is so wild! Living my whole life in the South I cannot fathom temps in the 40's this late. Do you know it's been in the 90's for the past two days? We had a fabulous spring. I hope there are a few more cool days to be had before the 90's are here to stay.
    P.S. I love Katie's freckles.

  7. Wow! 46 degrees! That is just not right! Today it was 88 here. "Unseasonably warm," they say on the weather reports. I was at work sweating all afternoon and that was with the AC running. Oh well, tomorrow we are back to the mid 60's and then low 70's the rest of the week.

    I love Katie's freckles! Here's wishing you some warmer weather. :)

  8. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Katie with freckles, lovely! She is sunshine on a cold May day.
    It is 63 here this morning and we are so grateful for yesterday's rain!
    love and prayers, jep

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