Friday, October 30, 2015

Amazing group dance!!!

There hasn't been a whole lot to show about DWTS this year....the group dances are always  pretty lame.  But for some reason this team worked together perfectly and the choreography was amazing!!

I just loved it!

Happy Halloween!
Happy Harvest!
Happy Candy begging day!


How I loved looking at this picture in the Chicago Tribune when I was little.

Thank you for the most wonderful comments about the photo sale.
I'm so fortunate to have such a sweet spirited, positive group of friends!!!



  1. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Oh, I did too, Donna! It meant that fall, and my birthday, were just around the corner! I purchased the print and hung it where I can always see it and remember my cozy Chicago home. Donna in Colorado

  2. Bummer! Can't see the video. It says it has been terminated! I haven't been able to watch any of DWTS this season. I have to work on Monday nights. :(

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you for telling me. Abc is being stingy


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