Monday, January 25, 2016

Granny for President

Last night's Downton Abbey had me laughing out loud.  I know you all just love every line Violet speaks...but last night I found her incredibly funny....and wise.

I happen to agree with her ideas about the giving away of our power and voice and freedom to the when she finally explained her reasons for resisting the takeover of the local hospital I was nodding my head and thinking about our schools...etc.  Not to get all political..which I hate.  I will just say, I think Granny was coming from a place of wisdom and forethought.

Other quick thoughts and faves from last night;

Anna and Mary rushing to London.
Happy. So happy.
Matthew Goode showing up and being so stoic...but I know
this kind of boring persona can not last long.   He needs his hair mussed tho.
Daisy being too bossy.  I didn't like it.
Still made the kind farmer is gone.  Dumb wife. Dumb Edith.
I can't stand everyone being so mean to Thomas.
I like his Aunt so much.  (forgetting her name)
Lots of shots from above to show opulence last night.
The dialog is spiced with the sayings of the day. It was especially noticeable last night.
This show is going out on a glorious high note.
Thanks Downton.  Beautiful in so many ways.

What do you think?
What did I forget?

Encourage one another,


  1. Gwen's comments on Sybil and how it affected everyone- especially Mary. I loved remembering her fondly, too.

    Agree about Thomas. How will his story end?

    Potential romance for Daisy with the new footman?

    P.S. I would definitely vote for Lady Violet. :)

  2. Daisy was getting on my last nerve. I think she doesn't know what to do with her newly gained knowledge, and awareness of the family's lifestyle and what she wants for herself, a life outside of service. Still, it was annoying to see her throw off restraint after she messed it up for Mr. Mason, before at the auction.

    But all's well that ends well, for Mason.

    I'm also sad for Mr Drew, and his wife.

    I loved the whole scene with Gwen and the reminiscing about Sybil. Tom's sweet expression on his face while listening and speaking up about his dear wife.

    Prudence, Henry's aunt, is great. You're correct about Henry's hair, too plastered down.

    The way he sized up Mary and said she was NOT shabby : cute!

    I love Cora's kindness and speaking up more about her convictions.

    What can I say, I love the show!

    1. Oh yes!!! We just watched Sense and Sensibility and I was thrilled to spot Prudence!!! Oh that voice of hers.
      Yes, I thought...I'm so glad they remember dear Sybil....and may Mary be the kinder for it. She was very good to Anna.
      Thank you for remembering everyones names :o)

    2. I love her in S&S, when she grabs that Lucy's nose!!

      Don't forget that I own the UK dvd set of Season 6, and I've watched the whole thing numerous times. It's like crack to me!

      Mary is the kindest to Anna, more than her family, actually. It's nice to see this side of her. Reassuring.

  3. Anonymous12:26 PM

    I am trying to do a comment and not a reply since I have not seen this last season, but who knows where this will end up. ;-/ We have the DVDs coming to our house tomorrow, oh happy day! I am not worried about spoilers, it all seems new when I see it. Just looking so forward to hearing them talk and seeing their clothes....and I would vote for Violet!
    love and prayer, jep

    1. Christmas episode, too? You will love it!

    2. She's got my vote, too!

    3. Anonymous4:41 PM

      I don't know about the Christmas episode, the DVDs are coming from Netflix. There is a Christmas episode to look forward to....Hooray!
      Thanks Susan, jep

  4. I loved Violet last night, but my favorite line of the night goes to Lady Mary. The whole dinner exchange was laugh out loud funny. I scared one of my cats! "I hope this means you're boiling up to make a pass before we're done."

    I am so going to miss the wit of Downton when it is done. Good thing I own seasons 1-5!

  5. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I'd vote for Violet, too!! My favorite quote from her so far this season, when she talking to Isobel.."Does it get cold up there on the moral high ground?" It made me laugh hard. She is just priceless. I'm going to miss Downtown so much when it is over....sigh.... Like others, my favorite scene from last night was the one at the table reminiscing about Sybil. So wonderful.

    Debbie Z.

  6. Oh yes. The foreshadowing .... Moseley ... I predict he becomes a teacher, then Thomas can have his job.

  7. Two more observations-- the whole staff looking up the stairs and trying desperately all at once to talk Daisy out of her fool's errand. The filming of that was perfect.

    And Carson doing one last patrol of his little room. It put a lump in my throat.

    1. Yes! I loved the staff trying to stop Daisy. The directing is tip top!

  8. I big puffy heart that photo and captions!

    Daisy makes me angry, too. It could have ended so differently. She was one lucky girl.

    Listening to everyone talk about Sybil made me so happy.

    Carson taking his name tag off the door was so heartwrenching. He's happy, yet he's leaving behind a huge part of his life to make a life with Mrs. Hughes. The Mrs. Carson thing was funny to me.

  9. Heather11:16 AM

    Have loved all of these episodes so far, but am feeling a little nervous about what is going on with Robert and these mysterious pains that he is having. Will there be a wedding and a funeral this season? (I hope not....) I wonder if whatever he needs done will not be handled correctly by the village medical staff and if they had a more "modern" facility he would have been better off, thus making Granny change her mind. Reminds me of the situation after Sybil gave birth and Cora and Robert arguing about which doctor they should trust.

    I also like that the family have been venturing downstairs more this season.

  10. Violet for President! HA! HA! Lots of laughs. Tears came to my eyes when they all realized what Sybil had done for Gwen. Mary has a soft side after all!

    My mom's name is Prudence.

  11. I meant to respond on Monday but things got away from me! I, too, loved the piece at the dinner table when Sybil was spoken about in such a loving way. I liked how it made Mary pay attention to how mean she can be - even though she does have her heart in the right place when it comes to Anna and Carson! I am a huge fan of Edith - I think she has really grown up since the days of tattling on her sister re: the unfortunate death of Mary's lover (I forget his name now!) I get angry at Mary when she makes fun of Edith and I understand why Edith is wary of having Mary know about her daughter….

    Carson's tour of his room and taking his name off the door was so touching. And Violet never ceases to amuse me! Love everything about that character! It is turning out to be a lovely final season…..


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