Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscars Red Carpet 2016. Plus a little after party glam.

Something was up last night.  I think the stars were flustered as to what to do and how to dress and how to act due to the controversy.  No people of color nominated for the top five awards.
Chris Rock came out and did a great monologue focusing on this point entirely.  Which is how it should be...but what happened I'm afraid is the people who were nominated were intimidated to go all out and celebrate their achievements.  Maybe they didn't want to 'show off'...or maybe the clothes were trivial.  I don't know.  My pretty little head can't quite figure it out.

By the end of the red carpet I had three dresses.  Three dresses that were very pretty.
I had to go looking for other stars who were missing on the red carpet show.

I found two more.

So this morning I wanted to see what everyone wore to the after I could share a few more dresses.

This year I will include those :o)

Let's start off with the very pretty dresses;

Alicia Vikander from The Danish Girl wearing Louis Vuitton.  
I loved it until I saw the poof/highlow bottom. That's so yesterday, isn't it?
But she looks beautiful and not boring, so yay!  She won best supporting actress.

Brie Larson in Gucci.  She won best actress for Room.

My favorite part is the chiffon added around the top part.  That one touch made this prettier.
I love her great big smile.

Charlize Theron in Dior.  She looks amazing.  However I don't like the shoulder straps one bit.  But that color and her figure and her jewels are spectacular.

Jennifer Lawrence did not walk the red carpet so I have seen this only in pictures.  It is a Dior and I like it very much. Looks a little like a negligee,'s not boring.  Her hair and make up are beautiful.

BTW.  I heard that reporters were not suppose to ask 'who are you wearing'....which bummed me out.
Dang they are taking themselves too seriously.  
It's entertainment folks.

I love Saoirse (sur-shu) Ronan. She was in Brooklyn.  She was my favorite actress of the year and in my favorite movie of the year.  Rent Brooklyn.  You will not be disappointed.  This dress is very nice but not my favorite.  The best thing about it is that she picked the green for her home, Ireland.

Kelly Ripa looks absolutely beautiful.  I love it.  I love the fit, I love the hair and makeup, I love the tan.  Go Kelly.

No one showed these two arriving...but I think this woman outdid the celebrities.  I love her dress and her necklace and her figure.  Who are you?  You are on the top of my list!!

Michael Keaton.  You look marvelous!

Now for the after party looks.

Minnie Driver in a beautiful Naeem Khan dress.  
I just love this.

Rachel McAdams (the notebook, spotlight)  looked tons better in this pink dress than she did in her green dress for the show.  I really like this pretty pink dress.

This is Beyonce's sister.  I only know her from being a nut in an elevator.  However. She wins in the fashion department last night!!! Solange wore Naeem Khan.

I saw this picture on google search and was so excited because I thought I found my winner.  This is Nina Dovrev wearing Reem Acra.  BUT  it's from last year and now that I think of it...I think I wrote about it. hahaha

How can I pick?   I do not have the perfect, fabulous, over the top dress this year.  They are all beautiful.


I'm gonna say....

Brie and Minnie.  The girls in blue.

Who did you love?
Why didn't I choose Jennifer Garner and Tina Fey?
There I said it before you could say it.  :oP

Since I did not care about any of the movies (besides Brooklyn) and few of the actors this year....the show was painful for me to I went to bed before the final three awards.  Had Sylvester Stalone won I may have gotten a little thrill and been able to make it...but he lost to a man I only know from Bridge of Spies...and it was super boring too.  I am not a Leo fan.  I don't hate.  But I'm not a fan.  Never even saw.....Titanic.  (I was traumatized by watching A Night To Remember too many times as a child.)

I am baffled by the fact that professionals in the entertainment industry can put on such a terrible and boring show.

Next Sunday we will all watch Downton Abbey and be entertained and delighted and cry and all will be well.  Leave it to England.

Leave your many opinions in the comments!!

Miz Boo


  1. I think this is the year that it has finally happened. I have aged out. I did not know half the people on that carpet and I have not seen even one of the nominated movies. Maybe when i'm an empty nester I'll get back into it -but the truth is, it's just me. I don't even really buy People magazine anymore. [gasp!]. Such a weird time. All that being said, I love Minnie, and I love that guy from the insurance commercial's date. That's all. :)

  2. Lovely dresses.....however, I simply give them credit for wearing plunging necklines. I just know that one of my breasts would come flying out at the most improper time! haha. We are pleased that Leonardo has FINALLY won an Oscar. He is a truly talented actor...and it all started with Gilbert Grape! Thanks for keeping us "in the know", Donna. (or should I say "in the "now")..haha

  3. I loved Cate Blanchett's dress and Chrissy Teigen's. The show as a whole was uninteresting but I thought Lady Gaga's performance and the bravery of the survivors of sexual abuse was so powerful and worth enduring the rest of it. In thinking over the movies of the past year, I can't recall any black actors performances that I remember thinking were equal to a nomination? That said, I keep hoping for the day when it is not 'black' or 'white' or 'Asian' or ... but simply the artist, the individual.

  4. mystery woman... JK Simmons wife, Michelle Schumacher. Gorgeous dress. loveliest of them all.

  5. I loved Olivia Munn's dress (or did I just like seeing Aaron Rogers?) Loved Sophia Vergara's deep blue gown. Gorgeous color. Luciana Barroso's dress wasn't a favorite, but it was a perfect choice for her (color and style.) I would probably vote for Brie's dress. The chiffon is beautiful, and that belt is really spectacular. She went to school near Sacramento for a time, so our paper has featured her. Fun!

    We never watch the show, but I have heard from others that is was a bust. It will be interesting to see what next year is like.

    Happy Monday all,

    1. My husband was interested in the Oscars for a brief shining moment....when he could spot Aaron. Olivia made it easy with that bright orange dress.

  6. The yellow was beautiful in my opinion.

  7. My top three dresses are from Naomi Watts, Alicia Vikander and Kelly Ripa. I just don't care for the deep V necklines so many were wearing. Actually, is there a description more accurate than deep V? Some of the dresses looked like they were jumpers without the blouses underneath.

    I always try to see all nominated films and truly did enjoy all but Mad Max this year. (That movie was a few hours totally wasted for me!) Brooklyn was my absolute favorite, too. Enjoyed it so much I took Molly my second time and then went over the weekend with my mom and sister for a third showing -- and loved it more each time.

    1. I'm surprised you like The Revenant since I hear it was brutal start to finish. Mad Max. eek.
      I'm delighted you loved Brooklyn. Katie has a crush on Tony.

    2. It certainly was violent and not near my typical movie choice, but I'm a sucker for true stories or books made into movies. Plus I love Domhnall Gleeson. What a bonus to see him in Brooklyn, Revenant and Star Wars this year. :)

    3. And yet no one mentions that. One year Ralph Finnes was in three nominated movies... No one noticed. But me. Hooray for the talented, hard working, unhearalded actors.

    4. Have you seen Dom in About Time? Was he there last night?

    5. I did see About Time. :) If he was there last night, I didn't see him. Also, not only was he in the 3 movies mentioned above, but my friend said last night that he was also in Ex Machina. Four nominated movies from the same year! Wonder if that's some kind of record?

    6. I think it's a tie. Ralph fiennes, 2008, in Bruge, the reader, duchess, hurt locker.

    7. A tie between two hardworking Harry Potter alums? I like it.

  8. For the first time in...ever...I gave up on the show 45 minutes in. I just felt Chris Rock hijacked it and sucked all the fun out. It's one thing to address *the issue* head on, another to beat everyone over the head with it at every chance. That and because they changed the format by putting all the boring stuff first. The kids and I watched "Saving Mr. Banks" and then I tuned back in to theOscars at the end to hear the final big awards. I just think the show gets worse very year.

    I did love the stage. Thought it was gorgeous, the floor, the candles and all the sparkle.

    People seem really desensitized with the risqué dresses. I am really turned off by the neckline plunge to the belly, so many, and can't like the overall look because of it.

    I'm just a downer today. Sorry.

  9. Anonymous12:40 PM

    My favorite is Beyonce's sister's dress. I do well in turtlenecks these days, so I am always happy to find a dress with one. Long sleeves or three quarter length are good, too. . ;-)
    Thanks for keeping me in the fashion loop. We do not watch the Oscars now....past our bedtime. love and prayers, jep

  10. I'm surprised you didn't have Cate Blanchett on there.

    I always thing Charlize Theron is stunning, but that necklace was way too harsh on that neckline. In my opinion of course.

    I do think Brie Larson was just stunning and agree that the touc of chiffon on the neckline put it over the top.

    I always look forward to these posts, Donna!


  11. I like the blue dress on Bree, and the yellow (if it had a proper hem) Minnie Driver looks pretty but too much plunge/skin showing for my liking. JK Simmon's wife looks absolutely lovely.

    Thanks, Donna!

  12. Thought I liked Alicia Vikander's dress (though I was not crazy about the high/low aspect) but then I saw this "Alicia Vikander Channels Beauty and the Beast's Belle" and decided maybe it just seemed familiar rather than beautiful. I did appreciate that the color choice was unique.

  13. I have literally never watched the Oscars so I love when you do these posts! It's fun to see what the favorites were :)

  14. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Loved Alicia Vakander's dress..........sweet and feminine while staying modest and age appropriate. I did not like Chris Rock using the event as his political platform ( others did also). He wouldn't let it go, kept throwing comments in right up to the very end when they were all on stage and glitter was coming down..........he shouts out " Black Lives Matter". Wrong Chris Rock : ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!

    1. Anonymous6:33 PM

      Oops, this is Karen F. Love you Donna, great review! You never disappoint!

  15. I knew Alicia Vikander would be on here. Saw the Danish Girl. Boring as could be. But Shelby & I both talked about how good she did putting up with the main character (who was kind of a jerk, going through is transition). Also not sure she could look bad if she tried

    1. The buzz is that Alicia looked like Belle. :op
      I adore her. She is dating Fassbender. (Sp)

  16. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I did not watch last night, but was disappointed this morning to find out that Saoirse Ronan didn't win Best Actress. I absolutely loved Brooklyn and thought she was just wonderful. My second choice for Best Actress would have been Charlotte Rampling for 45 Years. I enjoyed that movie also and thought she was very good. Most likely many people would find it boring because the action consists of meaningful looks (!) and dialogue exchanges but I was drawn into the story. As far as the dresses, I like Brie Larson's the best. Beautiful color and love the chiffon.

    Debbie Z.

  17. I really love Kelly Ripa's dress!


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