Monday, February 08, 2016

Downton Open House.

How interesting to watch the Grantham family grapple with opening the Abbey for charity.

"I think it's crackers."  said Lord Grantham.

"Even Elizabeth Bennett wanted to see what Pemberly was like inside."
Said Matthew's mum.

And Lord Grantham who was going stir crazy shocks Carson with this comment...

"Lady Granthan knitting."
"Lady Mary in the bathe."


I found it curious that the family didn't know anything about the items in the Abbey.
Not the artwork or the details or even who was in the pictures.
What a very incurious bunch.

Oh and then the Dowager storming in an causing a scene.

"What else did he collect?"
"Horses and women."

She was so upset and I can't say I blame her.  I would not have taken the job.  Wait a few years out of respect.

"Golly, they've socked the Captain."

And Carson is still Carson would.  I mean, what does he know about marriage and empathy and caring for a woman?   Nothing.  So judge-y.

"We certainly talk about what it's like to cook dinner for you."

***  oh by the way...

Mosely should have given the tours.

I liked this kiss but thought Henry's hat was goofy on him and was glad he too it off :o)

I've gotta run.
What were your impressions of this episode?

I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to share my three favorite super bowl ads.

ta ta for now,


  1. Hi, it's me, your big sappy fan of Downton.

    Things I liked: Violet asking Isobel if she was weakening towards Lord Merton, and Isobel's feeble "no"

    Bertie kissing Edith and her saying it was automatic. I think that means she digs him ;-)

    Bertie saying "God bless you, Marigold" What a nice guy.

    Things I loved: Violet sweeping in to tell Cora off, after she declared the 4th (3rd?) Earl of Grantham collected books, horses and women ... then bubbling over with gumption to tell Robert she was sick and tired of logic. HA! She is so great, even when a complete crank!

    Loved loved loved the little boy who ambled in to have a chat with Robert. Maybe my favorite part.

    Not liking Daisy and her attitude. Or Carson's condescending tone.

    They do say the first year of marriage is the hardest ;-)

    I think after the excitement of last week, it was good that this one was a bit quieter. Sorta.

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I agree with Susan, my favorite part was the little boy in Lord Grantham's bedroom. He asked such logical questions in my mind and Lord Grantham seemed charmed and amazed by him. Looking forward to your picks of the commercials! love and prayers, jep

  3. Forgot to add, it tickled me, too, how Molesly knew who painted the artwork in question. I am definitely Team Molesly.

  4. The consecutive scenes of Cora, Edith and Mary showing how very little they know about the Abbey were so funny to me.

    Both Daisy and Carson need a good scolding. Daisy is behaving so childishly and unkindly about Mr. Mason and Mrs. Patmore (who has been so very kind to her for years!), and Carson is not picking up on a single verbal cue from Mrs. Hughes.

    Plus I can't believe Mary didn't revisit the Marigold issue with Tom after the dinner party. She's itching to know, suspects that Anna knows something and made it clear to Tom that she'd feel it was a betrayal if he were keeping a secret.

    1. Mary does not like NOT knowing about something, that's for sure!

      I agree, it was funny to see the three tour guides, such as they were, one after the other. Ha!

  5. No thoughts yet from anyone about Thomas crying at the end? I've hated him so in the past, but my heart hurts for him now. He's so alone, and so rejected. I cried right along with him at the end.

    Daisy is driving me bonkers. She's got more learning into her head, but not much sense. ;)

    I love reading your downton thoughts... I rarely comment, but I love hearing what everyone else thinks. I just had to comment this time, because I couldn't believe that I was the only one that was so moved by that final scene with Thomas weeping. :( Maybe I forgive too easily. ;)

    1. I thought I mentioned Carson...i don't like how he is treating Thomas at all. He is downright mean. Mary who usually cares only for herself has shown him more empathy than anyone else except for Baxter, who has been a good mentor to him.

    2. Mindy, checking back here, I have to agree with you on Barrow. My heart is also sad for him. He's tried to find a job, tried to be more of a friend to Baxter and Andy, been kind to the little kiddos. Lord Grantham said to Carson, "can we help him?" I took that to mean, make inquiries for him.

      Instead Carson spoke to him in a severe way.

      Lady Mary and Barrow can tend to have the same tendencies, it's ironic she is feeling empathy but maybe it makes sense.

      Another moment of Thomas evolving: admitting he was greatly relieved that Lord G came through his medical emergency OK.

      The last scene was wrenching, you're absolutely right.

    3. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Being forgiving is a good thing to be...I agree that Thomas needs forgiving. He made some bad decisions in his life, but then hasn't everyone. It was a hard scene to view. jep

  6. A comment on something completely different-- we laughed and laughed at the scene when Lady G is changing for bed and Baxter helps her put on a robe, which Lady G ties up while they talk. She then turns, walks through the doorway into the bedroom where her husband is in bed, unties her robe and takes it off to get into bed. She had the robe on for less than thirty seconds. Clearly a contrived moment to give Baxter something to do so they could talk. I found it hilarious.

    1. I noticed that too! Chilly walk from the dressing room to the bedroom. Ha!


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