Friday, May 13, 2016

Name signs.

Hi!  Sonja asks in the comments why some people fingerspell the whole name and why some people have name signs.  You fingerspell the whole name the first time you meet someone so they know your whole name.  A name sign usually uses just a letter and a gesture.

Check out the video to learn more about it.

By the way.  When I sign Jimmy Carter  I am signing peanut and the letter C.  I forgot to mention my hand was in a 'C' shape.




  1. by the way, my hair is not two toned! The lighting makes it look like I have four inches of black ends. This is not the case.
    Carry on. :op

  2. I took lots of sign in high school - we had the only HI integrated school in the city - and had a ton of HI friends so it's been fun to revisit sign over the years. My name sign was the sign for 'song/music' with an S. Big duh. :)

  3. Ginny looks excited in the background! I took sign language years ago but don't remember much.... Thanks for the explanation. Always used to love the videos you did with Kati when she was younger.

  4. Sonja3:43 PM

    That's awesome! Thank you for the explanation.

  5. Neat! I wondered about that, too.

  6. Hey, Donna! Thanks for the lesson. It was very informative. Your hair is really pretty. :)

  7. You should do more of these. My daughter-in-law's parents have sign names for all of us but I am not super good at remembering them. Patrick's name is great :)

  8. Anonymous11:42 PM

    I love it when you do videos because we get to hear your voice, which sounds so kind by the way. Very informative about signing names, which I know nothing about. And I agree with Robin, your hair is pretty!

    Debbie Z.

  9. Donna, I hope you get alerts for comments on old threads. I just had to share this with you:

    Yay BK! And yay for more people knowing ASL!

  10. I will have to listen to this at my house because I can't hear anything on my work computer. I tried pulling it up on my phone, but that didn't work. I think you look super skinny! You look pretty all the time.


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