Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wedding day. 5-16-16. Patrick and Shelby

The wedding was at a lovely chapel and barn in Shelby Iowa.  It rained...until about an hour before the service!

We arrived very early for pictures. The flowers were very pretty.
They men had different colored pastel ties.

Shelby's father carved flowers for each table.  This most elaborate piece was on the sweetheart table.
Isn't this amazing...and so special.

Matthew and Ezekiel.
What cuties.

Emma preformed the wedding (beautifully) and Katie was a greeter.

Malachi and Asher had a long, long wait.  Melinda took this picture cute picture.

Our first look at the bride before the ceremony.  She looked so beautiful.  Her dress was darling (dotted swiss).  She made the pink bow...and maybe even her hair piece.  (I didn't have a chance to ask.)  
Picture by Melinda.

Patrick wore a tux. He looked elegant. I wore the shawl I knit last year and a black dress.
Patrick was more sentimental than I was I think.

My babies.

I repeat.  
My babies.

Quick selfies before the ceremony. Or as I like to call them...

My and my big boy.  So happy and proud of him.

My sister Nancy.  She was such a wonderful help!  It's her thing. :o)
We had a great time and were so delighted that she could come to the wedding!

These two look fabulous even tho they were busy with all three boys.  At one point Malachi lost it and declared he would not walk down the aisle.  He was done. 
But walk down the aisle he did....and at the end of the ceremony he dashed out the back of the church.

Making their entrance as Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Boucher

Uncle Paulie could not wait to sing. 

Oh look.  There is Aunt Susan!! Behind Shelby.... I could just the pictures I did not take.

Matthew is the best dad I know.
Hi Joe and the background!

First dance.

I hope I will be able to share the professional pictures with you all when they are available.  

So there you go.  Maybe Emma can share some of the vows with you in the comments when she has the time.   They were lovely.  There were no toasts but lots of dancing by just a small number of us.  It was not a rowdy wedding at all. (Well except for the nine or ten small children.)  
The buffet style meal was delicious...I love a buffet, don't you?  
Shelby's parents were so sweet, they were perfect hosts.
I was so grateful that Susan and Joe and Paulie and Nancy made it all the way to Omaha and Shelby Iowa!  It meant the world to us and we will cherish the memory forever!  

God bless you Patrick and Shelby.
We love you.



  1. Amy J in WI12:16 PM

    Thank you for this wonderful recap! You have a beautiful family...congratulations to Shelby and Patrick! I am sure you have some wonderful memories. And did you say that Emma performed the ceremony, as in actually married them?

    1. Yes, Amy, Emma married them. She can tell you her credentials...I've forgotten the specifics.

    2. Amy J in WI5:08 PM

      Super cool! Also, your hair looks great!

  2. Matthew is the best dad i know too. My boys and i are so so lucky.

    Shelby was honestly the most beautiful bride i can remember.

    Susan took pictures, maybe she will share. ;) Cause i certainly didn't snap any.

    1. I am hoping Susan got some great photos too!!!

  3. So nice, Donna! Lovely :o). Congratulations, friend.

  4. Anonymous1:02 PM

    There is nothing that will bring tears to a mother's eyes quicker than her adult children grouped together for a photo and the flood of memories it brings- yours are a good-looking bunch. And I loved seeing the wedding photos. What a joyful couple. They look so relaxed and so happy. I love her dotted swiss dress and pink bow. And those carved flowers- wow. Her dad quite an artist.

    Debbie Z.

  5. Your family is beautiful. You all look MAHvelous!!

    I love the weezies :)

  6. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Thank you for sharing your family and this wonderful life moment. Congratulations and blessings to Shelby and Patrick. And I must say, while everyone is just lovely...those three grandboys are absolutely beautiful...just gorgeous! You and your husband are so blessed.

  7. Your babies! I always think of you when I take "weezies" now. ;) Beautiful pictures. You are like me in that I always feel awful about the photos I didn't take and should have. You got some great ones, though. It wouldn't play the second video because of copyright reasons.

  8. I really cried at these beautiful photos of love. I am happy your family has grown again. I am thankful you have so much love in your life. What a great joy.

    The wedding colors were fantastic!

    I love the cut out flowers. So special.

    Her dress is gorgeous. You love dotted swiss!

    P.S. You look beautiful. Gorgeous hair. Gorgeous smile.

  9. Your family is beautiful. You all look MAHvelous!!

    I love the weezies :)

  10. Everything is gorgeous and lovely! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  11. So thrilled for All of you. i love buffet. Great kids they are all so lovely

  12. What a wonderful family celebration! Thank you for sharing it with us. You look great Donna!

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  14. I love her dress. I love the whole day. I am so glad that your family is growing and thriving. Beautiful.

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