Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cleaning up messes...and good things too.

I'm glad it was my fault, cause if my husband had done it I may have been
madder.  haha

Sunday afternoon I ran to the basement to do a load of wash.
Sunday evening my husband yelled to me from the basement that the floor was wet.

It wasn't just the floor...the was under half the basement....carpet.  (foam underneath)
He thought the wash machine was broken and had leaked...
but it turns out that that is not where the water came from.

I grabbed two fans and all the towels and started mopping up.
I mopped up as much as I could and went to bed.
Monday morning, I went down to check on things and water seemed to be still coming in....
from somewhere...

I wondered.

Did I leave the faucet on when I watered the tomato plants on Saturday?

I went outside, of course, in my pajamas to check.  (I hope the neighbors did not see me. But that would have made for a funnier story, I guess. )

And there it was, the faucet was on, just the tiniest bit.

The ground was totally saturated and the window well was full of water.
I bailed out the window well as much as I could.

Headed back downstairs to spin the towels, dry the towels and mop up some more.

I have spun and dried and mopped about ten times now.

This morning it still feels very wet in some sections of the basement...so I will focus on those today.

I am thankful that the wash machine is not broken.
I am getting lots of exercise.

It's a small inconvenience.
(I'm thinking of others.)

It could be worse.


Number 2 in the egg series.


The egg was bigger than the others...
But I never suspected.
Twin eggs are very rare.

I can remember my mother exclaiming with glee when she got a double yolk.

The things we remember.
They are the oddest things.

I love you mom.
Look!  I got a double yolk!

Encourage one another,


  1. Amy J in WI10:56 AM

    Oops on the water, but at least you will have some red juicy tomatoes soon, right?

    Also, you have inspired me to have eggs and toast for lunch :).

  2. Double yolk! Cool!

    I was reading, just now, and rejoicing for you that you have a dryer. It's typical NOT to have a clothes dryer here; we dry on a folding rack, in the sunshine of the balcony - or in the spare room in front of the small fan.

    Our balcony door sometimes leaks water in when we have thunder storms. It's at those times that I sorta wish for a dryer!

    I'm glad it wasn't your washer!

  3. Can you even imagine what it is like in Louisiana? ANY water where it does not belong is such a bother, isn't it? But hallelujah the washer is okay. And that tomato plant must be happier than happy!

    Love you, Donna!


  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I am enjoying the Egg Series! You make art out of eggs on that beautiful robin's egg blue plate. Lucky you, a double yolk!

    Debbie Z.

  5. I want eggs now. And toast. Yum. Donna, I did the same thing last month! It had been dry so I turned on the sprinkler behind the house. One of the hundred or so un-forecast thunderstorms came up and between my forgetfulness and the rain we got water in the basement. Yep, lots of unplanned cardio that day!

  6. Oh Donna, I got in a huff when my husband left the hose on twice. It has a sprayer that you can close off, so you don't have water spraying out. I told him indignantly, "We have a drought, you know! How could you do it twice???" Then, a few months ago, I made the same mistake....It was easy to do. Humble pie.

  7. Oh, I hate that! I hope it dries up quickly. Exercise is definitely a plus!

    My daddy got 24 new chickens last spring. They give one egg a day, so he gets 2 dozen eggs a day. I haven't had to buy eggs for a long time. Last August (had to look at instagram) I cracked three eggs in a row with double yolk! I haven't had another one since. ;)

  8. One Saturday morning last winter I forgot to turn off the faucet in the laundry room sink and I went outside to do yard work for several hours. The drain had the cover on it! You know the rest of the story! Big mess!! I was so angry at myself that I cleaned it all up without any help. My punishment to me;) All's well that ends well and I won't do that again! I hope! And, your egg story is fun.

  9. How much fun is a double yolk! Bummer on the water issue. :( We were watching the Olympics on Sunday night when we heard a strange noise by our front door. We went to investigate and found the storm door window shattering into a million little pieces. It's a really old door and the glass replacement shop said it could have had the tiniest ding that would make it shatter. What a mess it was to clean up in the dark and wake up to see all the pieces we missed. Some times the small inconveniences are so annoying, aren't they? Keep the faith!

  10. You know, I don't "let" my husband do the laundry anymore after he ruined a few expensive things of mine that shouldn't have gone in the machine. It's a shame because why should I stop him from helping with the housework? I was just so mad when it happened twice in one month. Now I am thinking I could just put my "special treatment" items in a separate bag or hamper and let him do as much of the rest as he wants. Sorry you have water in your basement. Glad your dryer works!

  11. Love the memories you share of your dear mom! Double egg yolk<3

    So sorry about the water, but hope all is dried up by now.

    Happy Friday!


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