Thursday, June 29, 2017

Forget your perfect offering.

"Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."
~Leonard Cohen

Heidi posted this quote in the comment section the other day.  It sounded familiar and I liked it very I googled it. :op

It is from a song called Anthem.

Now I wanted so much to listen to the song and love it but Leonard Cohen (RIP 2016)
had a very dark, deep, unusual style.

He was a poet first of all.
Quite prolific.

If you know country music you may recognize Bird on a Wire which has been recorded by everyone.

If you know popular culture, you know Hallelujah. (Also recorded by everyone)
This is, of course, the one I love.

 I'm pretty sure I posted this on my blog when I first heard this rendition last June...and learned about Choir, Choir, Choir.

I've liked Rufus Wainwright since Emma shared his music with me in high school.

So here is Rufus singing Hallelujah....

Meet our Rufus.
Janice is giving Rufus a proper hug.

oh cats.

"Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

Back to this quote.

Encouragement for the imperfect among us,
Donna Elsie

p.s.  I have just learned that learned is not good English.
It keeps showing up in my writing as a misspelled word.
What the heck.

Me. Being Imperfect. 


  1. Leonard Cohen was my favorite composer/singer from my younger days. Only recently have I realized that his dark and deep and moody music appealed to me so much because I had such a dark and deep part of me that I wasn't allowed to show in my family; I was supposed to be the "easy" child with no opinions and no moods, just be nice. Hah! Despite the fact that I recognize all that now, I still love L.C. and all that he did, and "Hallelujah" is my all-time favorite; it moves me like no other song -- and I'm still not sure why, but I get goosebumps every time I picture David composing something that "pleased the Lord." The deeply spiritual side of me loves that line for the emotional reaction I get every time I hear it. Missed your postings when you were working, Donna! So nice to hear from you.

    1. Anonymous3:08 PM

      Thank you Debra. Thank you for leaving such a personal and thoughtful comment.
      Love Donna

  2. Yippie skippie, Donna's back to posting! Thank you for posting the video.So neat to see and hear all those people singing. Learned? What are you suppose to use? Hmmm...

    We all love you just the way are!

  3. I'll take an imperfect Donna Elsie any day of the week!

  4. I may have been living under a rock for years and years, but I never heard "Hallelujah" until my kids watched Shrek. Rebekah loved "You Belong to Me" the most. This one was played quite a bit, too. I think after watching AI so many years and hearing it there over and over again I realized it had been around for a long, long time. ;)

    How old is Janice in that photo? I love my old photos with the date on the side like that. I would have been about to turn 8 in 1971. My sister was 3 1/2.

    My boys could never understand why writing like they talk wouldn't earn them a good grade in writing class. And don't get me started on spelling.

  5. Ah. Goosebumps. Somehow this is even more satisfying knowing that Rufus is the son of Loudon Wainwright who sang "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road."
    And Donna. You are a really good writer.

  6. So you are imperfect, that makes you wonderful. I love the quote!


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