Saturday, July 01, 2017

Encourage one another

So I was thinking...what do I write about?
I kinda forgot what I gabbed about all the time.

Oh how I wish I could tell school stories.
But it's unwise.
I wouldn't want someone blogging about what Katie did in school. (except me)
No matter how interesting or amusing.

So I reminded myself that my "mission" is to encourage and to add to the beauty.

Katie is going to Brussels Belgium in a week.
We are trying to figure out what camera she should bring.
Cause I need pictures.
Most of her time will be spend meeting with representatives from the EU.
She is most interested in meeting the folks from Sweden.
They will take a day trip to Bruges.  There she will seek out the Michelangelo of Madonna and Child.

 Bruges Madonna by Michelangelo 1504
(Church of our Lady)

1883 Vincent van Gogh (Dutch; 1853-90) ~ Bulb Fields

Have any of you been to Belgium?

Encourage one another,


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    In my dreams, I've been there. So exciting for Katie to make this trip! Yes, pictures, we want lots of pictures! Karen F.

  2. Yes, back in 2007, my first full year over here. I loved Bruge. The canals are pretty. The Beguines have a lovely center there, and the daffodils were in bloom. Brussels has lots of yummy foods in vans (food wagons) especially delicious waffles ... And mussels with fries.

    And of course, the chocolate. Oh my lanta!

    I'm excited for her :-)

    Thrilled to see you in my Feedly again!!

  3. My husband and I are currently living in Luxembourg. If she needs anything when she's there, Belgium is very close.
    Belgium is beautiful - she should make sure to bring home some chocolate! ;)

    1. I enjoyed a visit to Luxembourg in 2013 (or there abouts) to visit a Canadian friend, who lived there for about 3 years. It's close to so many great things.

  4. How exciting for Katie! and you!

  5. It is nice to see your posts whenever they pop up, and how great to hear Katie's going on an adventure! I think travel is so good for teens when we can afford it. I just recently started watching Call the Midwife and remembered you posting about it years ago, so I looked up that post and all the great comments on it too.

  6. I have spent a week in Bruges. To me (a French woman) I found there a very beautiful and soothing place. It was in the 1970ies and I remember cycling on the big square. I would love to go back. I hope Katie has a marvellous time!

  7. I am so excited for her! What a wonderful opportunity! I want Kaishon to go somewhere before he goes to college. He wants to go to Harry Potter World. Maybe we can go somewhere together. Bria doesn't care where we go, but she wants to go somewhere too. I LOVE that painting. Breathtaking.


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